How much does a swimming pool cost in Rodney?

Swimming pool with rustic exterior

How much does a swimming pool cost in Rodney?

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, but the most impactful distinguishing factor is whether a pool is above ground or in-ground, with the latter costing significantly more.

In-ground swimming pool costs

Due to the high costs associated with excavation, in-ground pools require a significantly larger investment than comparable above ground models. Of course, the final cost depends on a number of variables, such as material selection and special features, but in general, in-ground swimming pools cost between $30,000-$100,000+.

Above ground swimming pool costs

A budget-friendly alternative to in-ground swimming pools, above ground pools can be installed for around $10,000-$20,000. In addition to being more affordable, above ground pools are also faster to install, so you can take a dip sooner!

Large poolscape with surrounding fencing
Bringing a resort-style oasis to the countryside in Coatesville, Auckland

Costs associated with different pool types and materials

Pool types and materials are not created equal, so what you choose will affect the final cost of your pool. Easily customised materials, like concrete, tend to be on the expensive end of the price spectrum while mass-produced options, like fibreglass, are more budget-friendly. 

Concrete pools

Pros: Highly customisable

Cons: Expensive

Cost: $50,000-$100,000+

Fibreglass pools

Pros: Easy to install and maintain

Cons: Recommended accessories can add up

Cost: $17,000-$35,000

Plunge pools

Pros: Perfect for a small yard

Cons: Not great for families

Cost: $35,000-$40,000

Spa pools

Pros: No excavation necessary

Cons: Maintenance 

Cost: $10,000-$50,000

Vinyl pools

Pros: Less initial investment

Cons: Vinyl liners need replacing after 5–10 years

Cost: $20,000-$70,000

The cost of pool maintenance in Rodney

While the cost of a swimming pool installation is certainly a big portion of your investment, the spending doesn’t stop once the builders go home. Keeping your pool clean and safe costs money too. But the better you maintain your pool, the longer you can enjoy it. 

Annual ongoing pool maintenance costs include:

  • Running the pump (circulates water and keeps it clean): approx $1,000
  • Professional cleaning: varies 
  • Chlorine/chemicals: $200 (less for saltwater pools)
  • Heating: Up to $1,500
Luxurious poolscape

Council consent for swimming pools in Rodney

Making repairs to your existing pool or installing a new one will most likely require council consent, whether it’s resource, building, or both. While fees will vary on a case by case basis, here’s a range of what you could possibly spend on the consent process:

Building applications


Code Compliance Certificates (CCC)


Plan amendments


Swimming or spa pool inspection (each)


For more detailed information about consents and permitting, check out the Auckland Council website.

Poolscape with loungers

A backyard poolscape paradise in Coatesville

It’s rare that a swimming pool installation is only that. Most are accompanied by additional landscaping like pool fencing, deck installation, and complementary garden features. Take this Coatesville landscape transformation, for example. 

The whole project cost $139,000* to complete, but included a scope that extended far beyond the new in-ground swimming pool – a specially engineered retaining wall, selection of luxury materials, hard and softscaping including a new deck, concrete patio, pool fencing, planting, and a paver walkway – resulting in a fantastic, resort-style backyard with all the trimmings. 

Want to install a swimming pool without the stress of managing it?

You’ve come to the right place. To get started designing the landscape of your dreams, get in touch with a local Landscaping Consultant to arrange your free consultation. 

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