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Make a splash with a brand new swimming pool to transform your backyard into a slice of paradise in Rodney. Our dedicated Zones Landscaping Consultants work with you to design and build the swimming pool you’ve been dreaming of. 

Ready to turn your dream swimming pool into a reality? Get in touch with your local Rodney Landscaping Consultant today to start sharing your ideas.

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The Zones Process to Install Your Swimming Pool

Place your trust in Zones for your swimming pool’s design, landscaping, and project management. Our Landscaping Consultants provide homeowners with an enjoyable experience by taking control through a streamlined planning, design, and building process. 

Your Rodney Landscaping Consultant will first meet with you to discuss your pool ideas. If you’d like advice or preliminary drawings, our Landscaping Consultants will gladly provide their expertise. They also have a wide network of suppliers and tradespeople in Auckland to work on your swimming pool. You won’t have to lift a finger, as your Landscaping Consultant will manage the team of contractors and be your single point of contact throughout the entire project.

When you go over initial drawings with your Landscaping Consultant, they’ll be able to tell you what is feasible for your backyard, and what might need tweaking. After making the necessary changes and finalising your pool landscape design, you’ll get a fixed quote. After your Rodney Landscaping Consultant obtains local building consent, the pool installation begins.

Coatsville pool

Who do you need to get involved in a swimming pool installation in Auckland?

Excavators are needed to dig the hole for your pool. This is then prepared with the required materials ready for the pool to be installed. Once the shell has been installed, additional work is required to ensure the pool is level and secure. Depending on the type of pool being installed a concrete bond beam may be required to further secure the pool. In addition, plumbers will need to install pipes for water, drainage and the pool pump. Electricians will add lighting and pool cleaning features. Again, depending on the finish around the pool, you may require a tiler to install the pool coping (pool edging) to finish off the pool either with stone or porcelain tiles. This can also be achieved by using other options such as decking or decorative cut concrete. If you’re building a fence or other hardscaping elements like a pergola, your project will need professionals in those areas, too.

Your pool installation will require a few different tradespeople, all of whom will be supervised and managed by your Zones Landscaping™ Consultant.

Pools of All Shapes and Sizes

Your swimming pool layout and design will depend on the size of your property, the intended use for your pool, local codes, and your budget. 

In Auckland, rectangular pools are popular for their classic and sleek design. These pools can be scaled to fit in almost any backyard space, whether you’d like a dramatic, large resort-style pool or a smaller plunge pool. Plunge pools are larger than spa pools, but not quite intended for swimming. These relaxing pools offer a great place to take a dip if your property is on the smaller side.

Freeform pools have a natural shape that resembles a lagoon. These curvy pools seamlessly integrate with your landscape and maximise available swimming space.

For fitness enthusiasts, lap pools are long, narrow, and made for swimming laps. Their long shape also adds an elegant touch to your backyard.

Your Landscaping Consultant will help you assess your lifestyle needs and property size to find your perfect pool.

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More Types of Pools

There’s more to consider besides the size and shape of your pool:

In-ground swimming pools are the most popular option for Rodney homeowners, as their styles can range from family-friendly recreational pools to smaller plunge pools. These types of swimming pools add value to your property and offer great selling points for an Auckland home.

Above-ground swimming pools are the most budget-friendly option. While not as high-maintenance as in-ground pools, these types do require regular filtering and cleaning.

Infinity pools are in-ground swimming pools with one open edge to create the effect of the water merging with the horizon for a beautiful and minimalist style. These pools are great for showing off your sweeping backyard vistas.

Architectural pools are at the cutting edge of design and style, while also serving a recreational purpose. These sophisticated pools feature clean lines, interesting materials, and are often designed by an architect to achieve the desired look.

Learn about how the Zones team can help achieve your ideal landscape design.

Saltwater or Chlorine?

Saltwater can be found in many Auckland swimming pools. These pools are excellent choices for the chemical-conscious homeowners who want a natural alternative to water filtration and purification. They use a saltwater chlorine generator to convert bulk salt into natural chlorine to clean your pool. The result is softer, silkier water that is gentle on eyes and skin. Both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools can be saltwater pools.

On the other hand, chlorine pools require the addition of chlorine tablets or fluid to clean the pool. Homeowners will need to keep a closer eye on the chlorine levels to make sure they are safe for swimming. The chlorine smell is usually a bit more potent with these pools, and they can cause more eye and skin irritation compared to saltwater.

Poolscape at night lit up with overhead lighting in the pergola

Let’s Talk Landscaping

Create the perfect backyard oasis by prioritising your pool landscape design. From hardscape elements like glass pool fencing, cabanas, and pool tiles to the surrounding plant gardens, your Landscaping Consultant will help you choose the elements that best suit your space.

A pool fence is important, especially if you have pets or children at home. You might also consider other hardscape features like inbuilt benches or pergolas to make your pool a relaxing, shady retreat.

When considering plants for your pool landscape, choose low-maintenance plants that don’t attract a lot of insects. This is so you can spend more time enjoying your pool, and less time fretting about bugs and caring for your plants. Native plants like palms, flax, and shrubs are great options as well because they're litter-free.

What Difference Can Colour Make to a Pool Installation?

Your pool is the focal point of your landscape, so you want to pick the right colour based on your backyard design. Water reflection and water temperature also play a role when it comes to finding the right colour. Darker pools absorb sun rays, making for a slightly warmer pool. Light-coloured pools are cooler because they reflect the sun’s heat. Dark pools also have more of a mirror effect, while lighter pools are clear and draw the eye to the bottom of the pool (which is not ideal if there is lots of debris!).

Pool designers can come up with a variety of shades for you to choose from. Your Landscaping Consultant will make sure that the colour ticks all the boxes for the look and feel of your pool.

Unique shaped pool surrounded by immaculate planting

How much is an above-ground pool?

Above-ground pools are an excellent option for those on a tighter budget. They’re made from vinyl and steel, and sit atop your deck or yard. You are looking at around NZ$10,000* for one of these pools. 

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Zones Landscaping Consultant.

What are the regulations around a pool?

New Zealand swimming pool rules vary by region. According to the Auckland Council website, all residential pools require a compliant barrier and an inspection every three years. Your Landscaping Consultant will know more about the pool fencing requirements for your area, as well as any permits involved.

Pool neighbouring a BBQ area

Check out this resort-style oasis in the stunning Auckland countryside.

With plenty of open space to work with, this lifestyle block owner wanted to create a slice of paradise to complement her new pool installation. She called on Zones Landscaping in Rodney to bring her vision to life.

This client is thrilled with her new landscape. One of her favourite aspects is the way the light hits the pool, enhancing the deep cerulean blue liner. She also cites how well the Outdure decking complements the pre-existing patio pavers and the speckled-stone pool coping. 

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