Initial Consultation Meetings – What To Expect

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An experienced designer and project manager will be the most valuable assets during your landscape renovation. As Landscaping Consultants, they’ll be the ones conducting your first meeting! Here’s how to get the most out of your initial consultation:

Before for your first meeting 

Come to your consultation well-prepared, but open-minded. 

Look for inspiration   

You don’t have to have it all figured out, but spend some time collecting inspiration. You could check out landscaping TV shows, follow accounts on social media, or better yet, see if your potential team has any examples of previous landscaping projects. Take note of details or styles that you like. What you dislike can be equally as helpful!

Define your must-haves

Knowing where you’re willing to compromise will help refine your priority list down the road. For example, if you have small children and your neighbours won’t get rid of the rusty pile of scrap metal in their yard, it’s safe to assume a fence might be a must-have! But don’t worry, priorities can always shift during the planning stages as you work the details out with your team.


Be realistic. If you’re planning this project with a partner or family member, make sure to have a conversation about budget and finances before the consultation so you’re on the same page and don’t waste time going back and forth during the meeting. 

Questions to ask during your consultation

Now it’s time to get stuck in! You and your potential team will both be getting to know each other while discussing your plans, but you’ll also be learning the best ways to communicate! If all goes well, you’ll be working together for at least a few weeks, so don’t be scared to ask a few questions.


Landscapers and general contractors often book projects months in advance. If you’re on a time crunch or have specific expectations, let them be known! There’s no point in getting your hopes up if your schedules don’t line up. But remember, a little flexibility goes a long way. 

  • What is the typical timeline for a project of this size?
  • Are there any potential delays or factors that could affect the timeline?
  • When is the earliest you can get started?

Take a tour

Whether it’s virtual or in-person, take your time exploring the site with your potential contractor. Show them problem areas, ask for their advice, and try to give them a clear picture of what your vision is for your new landscape. If you don’t have a vision yet, that’s OK too! They’re the professionals, so pick their brains for designs and functional solutions. 

  • What hardscaping elements do you recommend for my property?
  • Are there options for sustainable irrigation systems?
  • Do you foresee my site to be particularly challenging to work with? Why?

Previous experience

Landscaping projects are a big undertaking and shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your potential team’s experience, qualifications, and work they’ve done that’s similar to your request. And most importantly, conduct your own research!

  • How do you approach unexpected challenges during a project or concerns that may arise post-installation?
  • What is your communication style and frequency during the project?
  • Do you have a portfolio of your past projects that I can review?

What to expect after your design consultation

Depending on how it goes, you’ll either decide you’re a good fit or keep looking. If it’s the former, your chosen team will draw up a detailed proposal that includes potential landscape design options, a clearly defined project scope, and cost estimate. 

Book your initial consultation with Zones Wellington

Initial consultations are no-obligation and always free of charge. Get in touch with one of our Landscaping Consultants to arrange yours and start planning your next project. 

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