Small garden landscape design

Small garden
ARTICLE Jules Moore DESIGNER Jules Moore

The space was completely transformed, bringing the past into the present.

Matt’s clever design for this very small space involved two long board walks, painted black, crossing over on an angle that wouldn’t normally work. This created a level change that works as a step. The boardwalks used in this design not only bring a sense of balance, but it’s a great solution that holistically works within this Zen inspired entrance. There’s a nice vibe about this little garden, and for a small space there is a lot going on within it too.

A crossover pallet of planting that combines Zen with Sub-tropical, Perennial and Native is eclectic but works. The crossover links together with a combination of ground covers and ferns that weave within the stepping stones leading to the bedroom bi-folds and the antique stone step. This step is cemented within this trough and is surrounded by water, waterlilies, aquatic plants and goldfish.

Unusually triple-planted Euterpe Palms accent the pallet, giving height in the corners; and lower clumps of Acorus grasses and the rare spotted Tube-rose undulate and naturally acclimatise in the damper areas. Selleria radicans (Bonking Grass) tightly hug the round stepping-stones, and Japanese fern Dryopteris cycadina pop up within this ground cover.

Red weeping maples provide a graceful feel and the more dynamic free flowering Tropical Rhododendrons provide intermittent bright orange colour throughout the year.

Client Fiona Milde loved this feeling of Zen, which is featured throughout her home as well. The flow continues out into the courtyard and the view from her room into the garden certainly has a calming influence. Everything links in beautifully.

Likewise with specialised lighting within her house, the lighting outside ties in too. During the evening the dim glow of lights made of bamboo emit a romantic lure, and with the sound of water flowing through a bamboo spout into another old stone trough, this certainly makes for quiet meditation.

Before the makeover, terracotta tiles dominated the entrance; there were many angles that opposed each other.

Retaining walls, (black with mould) and steps dated the space; and now the entrance is a new slim line version of itself and a new angle on design.

This article featured on page 70 of Issue 012 of New Zealand Renovate Magazine . New Zealand's first and only magazine solely dedicated to home renovations.

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