Swimming Pool Design Ideas in Tauranga

Swimming poolscape with outdoor kitchen

Pick Your Pool

Choose from a variety of swimming pool layouts and designs.

Lap Pools

Swimming is a great low-impact exercise. This long pool shape, typically 10 metres to 25 metres by 2 - 4 metres wide and 1.2 to 1.4 metres deep, is perfect for laps. These pools are typically heated so you can exercise all year round.

Infinity Edge Pools

For a resort-like feel, opt for the infinity edge or negative edge pool shape. These show-stopping pools offer an uninterrupted view of your landscape with one side cleared to empty water into a catchment trough or gutter hidden out of view. 

Rectangular Pools

When you think about a traditional pool, this classic shape comes to mind. It’s easy to integrate into your landscape and easy to cover when you’re not using it. Add your creative touch with unique tiling, steps, and other features.

Courtyard Pools

Don’t let lack of space hinder your possibilities. Small swimming pool design ideas include these easy-to-incorporate courtyard pools. These pools are perfect for small backyards or courtyards, as their unique designs are customised to fit your space.

Natural Pools

Designed to mimic a natural lagoon, these pools feature rounded, asymmetrical shapes and are often lined with rocks, trees, small beach areas, and other landscape elements. These pools can blend seamlessly into a backyard and soften the look of your outdoor space.

Plunge Pools

Keep cool on hot summer days with a swimming pool solution for even the smallest backyards. These pools are tiny and designed for a quick, refreshing dip.

Indoor Pools

For warmer water and full protection from the elements, an indoor pool may be the way to go. These pools are often more expensive than outdoor pools because of all the planning and special materials required to construct a pool house and keep the water well-heated while minimising condensation.

Spa Pools

For ultimate relaxation, a spa pool is a must! Opt for a portable spa tub or a spa pool shell adjacent to your swimming pool. Spa pools in Tauranga can have concrete, tile, beadcrete, or acrylic shell linings. 

No matter which style pool you choose, trust Zones Landscaping Tauranga to help you design, plan, and build your dream swimming pool

Poolscape with light blue paint
Modern family garden perfect for entertaining in Tauranga

Considerations for Your Pool Installation

Keep these factors top of mind when planning your pool landscaping:


Which part of your property would best suit a swimming pool? The style of pool you choose will depend upon the amount of space you have. You’ll also want your swimming pool to be in an area that catches the sun’s rays, is considerably private, and easy to see from inside, especially if you have children.

Style and design

Consider the pool designs listed in the previous section when picking the pool that best suits your property and lifestyle needs. Our talented Landscaping Consultants can help you pick the right pool design for you.

Surrounding landscape

A ‘poolscape’ includes your swimming pool and the immediate surrounding area. This could include a deck or other xeriscape features like rocks, mulch, and turf. Or, if you’re going for a lush, tropical feel you might include palm trees, flowers, and other garden plants around your swimming pool. Your poolscape will dictate the look and feel of your backyard.

Pool equipment and accessories

Safety comes first, and in Tauranga all poolscapes must include a safety barrier if the pool is 400mm or deeper. There are a variety of council specifications for pool fencing, too.

Besides safety fencing, consider features such as steps or beach areas for your swimming pool. For a chic and minimal look, a zero-entry pool design might be the go-to choice.

And, of course, there is equipment for water treatment in the form of pumps, heaters, filters, and chemical feeders. Your pool design and water choice will dictate the types of equipment you’ll need to have installed.

Materials matter

Fibreglass and concrete pool designs are popular for swimming pools in Tauranga. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, it will just depend on your budget and design preferences. Concrete pools are more expensive up front and require more maintenance, but they are particularly stunning and customised to fit any size or pool shape. Fibreglass pools might be limited in their shape options, but they are easy to care for and quicker to install. A Landscaping Consultant can assist you in weighing the pros and cons for your specific needs.

Water type

Most New Zealanders opt for saltwater pools as they require less maintenance than freshwater chlorinated pools. Even though saltwater pools are pricier up front, chlorinated pools require regular monitoring to keep the pH in check. This is one of many decisions you’ll have to make as a future pool owner, but having expert pool specialists on your side can help you pick the best option for your particular needs.

Choose the right pool builders in Tauranga

With so many factors to consider and decisions to make, it’s essential that you have the right pool designers and builders to help you create your bespoke poolscape. The Landscaping Consultants at Zones Tauranga are experts in swimming pool installation and have experience working with local homeowners to plan, design, and build stunning poolscapes.

Poolscape on the beach front
Waterfront property landscape in Welcome Bay, Tauranga

Local Innovation

Soak up design inspiration from two incredible Tauranga poolscapes:

Waterfront bliss in Welcome Bay

This backyard is situated where serene harbour views meet the Kaimai mountain landscape. These homeowners had a lot of potential to work with and trusted a Landscaping Consultant to help them curate and bring a dream poolscape to life. The garden underwent a full makeover to plant lush, green flora to stand out amongst red-toned timber fences, block planters, pavers, and bespoke light fixtures. Under the careful guidance of their Landscaping Consultant, these homeowners navigated issues with drainage so that they could install a beautiful rectangular shaped pool. 

Read more about the steps involved and to see the final product!

Contemporary family retreat

Modern style seeps into the poolscape of this Tauranga home. The homeowners wanted a pool, deck, and garden to make the most of their expansive backyard. The Landscaping Consultant on the project advised the family on a 10 x 4 metre fibreglass pool that would be large enough for children to enjoy. A raised lounging deck with customised storage solutions help maintain the clean aesthetic that the homeowners desire.

Check out the cool finished product.

Fabulous features 

Noteworthy features are the icing on the cake when it comes to poolscapes.


Curate a vibe with exceptional underwater and surrounding lighting. This way, you can enjoy the beauty of your landscape even after the sun goes down.

Water features

Fountains, waterfalls, and in-pool lounge chairs add a bit of wow-factor to your swimming pool.

Steps and beaches

Get creative with entry and exit points by incorporating custom steps, benches, and shallow beach areas.

Your Landscaping Consultant can advise you on the best special features for your specific swimming pool. 

Kidney bean shaped pool
Entertainment Area Renovation in Te Puna


How much does an indoor pool house cost?

An indoor pool requires a larger budget due to the cost of constructing a building to house the pool and keep condensation at bay. Your Landscaping Consultant can provide you with an approximate costing for your specific project.

How should your pool area be landscaped?

Your poolscape often reflects the style of your home. Whether it’s contemporary and minimal or lush and tropical, there are many design choices to explore for your landscaping. Trust a Landscaping Consultant to help you plan and design the perfect poolscape for your backyard.

Do I need approval from the Tauranga Council before installing a pool?

The short answer is yes. There are a number of council requirements to consider when constructing your swimming pool, including fence regulations, safety requirements, and local permits. When you work with pool specialists at Zones Landscaping, our Tauranga-based consultants can help you navigate these requirements.

Ready to make a splash?

Get in touch with our Landscaping Consultants in Tauranga to start dreaming up your ideal poolscape! We look forward to hearing your ideas.

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