Tauranga Landscape Design and Build: The Process

Swimming pool and retaining wall

If a backyard oasis or front plot with curb appeal is the destination, what’s the best route to get there? Since there are many methods to get the job done, there’s really no right or wrong answer! However, your personal preferences may impact which professional landscaping team you want to work with.

One of the most popular (and effective) approaches is design-build, a streamlined method that sees the project management delivered by one overarching entity, with collaboration between teams happening early and often. Everything from trades to supplies and permits comes as a package deal, saving homeowners time, money, and most importantly, stress. 

Step 1: Consultation & Survey

Every landscaping project will start with an in-depth consultation. If it doesn’t, run for the hills because this is the first and important step to bringing your landscaping project to life - on time and on budget! When working with Zones, you’ll meet with a Landscaping Consultant who will be by your side for your project’s duration. This first meeting is an opportunity to ask questions, discuss a high-level overview of your goals, and learn about the rest of the process. 

Step 2: Design & Budget

If you have a hard financial boundary you want your landscape project to adhere to, this is referred to as being “budget-led”. Alternatively, if you want your design to dictate cost and achieving a certain aesthetic is more important to you than staying within budget, this is considered to be a “design-led’ project.

Regardless of what you prioritise, design and budget go hand in hand. Our concept designs are developed as 3D renderings to help you see exactly what your potential landscape may look like and the budget required to bring it to life. Both of which can be adjusted accordingly, but it is recommended that cost adjustments are made during this phase to save a project from blowing out!

Step 3: Planning & Specifications

Time for all the nitty-gritty details to get ironed out – coordinating the best contractors for the job, finding premium materials with maximum value, finalising timelines, and obtaining the appropriate permits if necessary. The essence behind the beloved tradie term “measure twice, cut once” certainly applies in this instance! Unexpected obstacles are bound to crop up, but taking time to meticulously plan the details and double check things like schedules will ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

Step 4: Installation

Design, done. Now onto the ‘build’ portion of design-build. With everything planned to a T, the focus shifts to managing the on-site active build. Depending on the scope of your landscape transformation, there could be anywhere from two to a dozen contractors working simultaneously, so expert project management is crucial to keep your project on track. 

As discussed in Step 3, there’s always a speed bump of sorts during a project. Yet another benefit of having an experienced pro on your hands is their ability to pivot and come up with solutions on the fly to help ensure your landscape is delivered on time and within budget.

Step 5: Closing procedures

The last step before you can enjoy your new yard or entertaining space is to finalise the appropriate documentation. Whether you need resource or building consent, or any other speciality permissions, your Landscaping Consultant or chosen Project Manager will have kept an organised record of your paperwork for an easy project hand-off. 

Design-build landscaping projects in action

Now that we’ve outlined the details of the design-build process, here’s your chance to see what it looks like put into practice! These are a few projects completed by our Zones Landscaping team in Tauranga. 

An Artfully Designed, Attention-grabber in Papamoa

A Garden Wonderland in Papamoa

A New Pathway and Garden in Tauranga

Want a new landscape but stressed about the process?

Get in touch with the experts at Zones Tauranga to arrange an initial consultation. Our 5-step design-build process makes it easy for homeowners to achieve their dream landscapes while enjoying a stress-free experience. 

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