An Artfully Designed, Attention-Grabber in Papamoa, Tauranga

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South Island scenes were the focal design point for this property's landscape transformation.

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Getting Started

After finishing a garage extension on her 20-year-old home, Colleen was ready to get started on freshening up her property’s landscaping. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with her yard; it just felt bland and boring. That, at least, meant it was a blank slate. Keen to bring some striking elements, Colleen reached out to Zones Landscaping and was connected with local Tauranga Landscaping Consultant, Nigel Ramsden

Bespoke Garden Features

During their initial consultation, Nigel explained the Zones’ landscaping approach to Colleen. Most projects are led either by design or budget; Colleen prioritised improving her property’s curb appeal through a complete transformation that would include ornamental showpieces for her garden. 

Although she didn’t have a strict budget in mind, Colleen was assured by the value and scope of the Zones process and keen to proceed. She was looking forward to working with a landscape designer who could bring her ideas to life.

After some creative brainstorming, Colleen and Nigel teamed up with Nigel’s in-house designer and the trio came up with the concept of erecting a series of corten steel screens with laser-cut images depicting Aoraki/Mt Cook and other South Island landmarks, flora, and fauna. Originally from the South Island herself, Colleen was rapt with the idea of these distinctive renderings adorning her garden. 

Doing the Groundwork

Once the designs were finalised, Nigel provided Colleen with a $35,000 estimate for the full scope which she was happy with. Substantial recycled oak railway sleepers were sourced from a specialist supplier, Interlink Ltd., in the UK. They were cumbersome and difficult to manoeuvre, but it was essential that their placement was exact as they’d be the main supports for the steel screens. 

Installing the sleepers and screens had to come first; the rest of the landscape was designed around these focal points. With the feature pieces firmly in place, the crew was able to move quickly putting the finishing touches to the landscape transformation by laying mulch, planting a carefully selected mix of trees, flowers, and shrubs, and installing a roll-out lawn with irrigation.   

Eye-catching Results

Creating an attention-grabbing landscape has been achieved in spades, as evidenced by the number of passers-by stopping to take photographs of the project during the installation phase.

The rusty red, laser-cut, steel screens are beautifully complemented by the recycled sleepers and the installation provides Colleen with an element of privacy. A subtle lining of the property’s perimeter with mulch and stone also elevates the landscape’s overall appearance.  

While a finished landscape often gives immediate satisfaction, the real payoff is being able to enjoy it in the future. The natural weathering of the steel and timber installations will continue to enhance their appeal. Lomandra Lime Tuff, used extensively in the design, is perfectly suited to the sunny Papamoa climate and will thrive in this environment for years to come. Other complementary and low maintenance ornamental plants, shrubs, and trees fill out the space without making it look overcrowded — a perfect balance. 

Final Thoughts

Colleen is thrilled with her unique new landscaping and gives Nigel and the team high marks for the project. Nigel himself agrees and thinks it looks fantastic!

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This project was completed in
June 2022
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A front garden transformation
New Zealand
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Placing heavy railway sleepers
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Nigel Ramsden is Landscaping Consultant of Bay Premier Landscapes, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Tauranga.

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