The Benefits of Landscape Design and Build

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Why landscape design and build is so important

Just like interior design, landscape design is an art that must be balanced with function! A well-designed landscape is transformative, yes, but it can also dramatically increase your property’s usable living space! Wellington properties are notorious for having challenging landscapes, whether that’s owing to difficult soil, steep slopes, or awkward access. But with help from a professional landscape designer, you can have the yard of your dreams. 

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Landscape designs suited for Wellington

The coolest little capital isn’t known for fantastic weather or a temperate climate. So a one-size-fits-all landscape design isn’t going to cut it. Features like pergolas and louvres provide much needed shelter for outdoor living areas, and you may want to consider fence installation to protect your plants, depending on how exposed your property is to the elements.  

If you have a sloping landscape, retaining walls are going to be your best friend. They can be large enough to create entertaining areas or compact enough to fit a small garden. In terms of the plants themselves, the best way to get the thriving garden you’ve dreamt about, is choosing native plants that can stand up to Wellington’s often unforgiving conditions. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Lancewood (horoeka)
  • Mānuka
  • Nīkau palm
  • Fuchsia tree (kōtukutuku)
  • Bush snowberry (tāwiniwini)
  • Horopito
  • Black tree fern (mamaku)
  • Silvery sand grass (kōwhangatara)
  • NZ mountain violet (hāka)
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Elements of a well-designed landscape

Since landscape design is equal parts form and function, here are the kinds of things you’ll be discussing when you’re working with professional landscaping specialists:


Identifying the purpose of your landscape will help determine the design. A family-friendly backyard with plenty of open space for play calls for a different blueprint than something designed for hosting dinner parties and pool lounging. 


There’s a huge array of landscape designs including Asian-inspired, desert, minimalist, modern, and classical. But attention to detail underpins every style. A designer will be considering aspects like texture, contrast, and colour palette to create a complete design aesthetic appropriate to your specific location and its microclimate.


Knowing the level of maintenance you’re willing to invest in your landscape is key. There’s no point in having a beautiful garden if you don’t have time or inclination to take care of it. And there’s nothing wrong with that! There are plenty of low-maintenance options, but the level of personal commitment just has to be decided upon in the beginning. 


Hardscaping is an overarching term used to describe man-made features of a landscape. Examples of hardscaping include:

  • Retaining walls
  • Pavers
  • Patio
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Water features
  • Fire pits or brick ovens
  • Poolscaping
  • Decks and pergolas
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How can Zones Wellington make your landscape design and build stress-free?

At Zones, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners get their dream landscapes. Not only that, we want you to enjoy your experience too! Our 5-step approach to landscaping allows ample time for each essential part of the design and building process: a thorough consultation, iterated concept design, detailed cost estimates, a professionally managed build, and final project handover. From start to finish, you’ll partner with a local and experienced Landscaping Consultant who will work hard on your behalf to deliver a fantastic result, on time and within budget. 

Is your outdoor area the landscape of your dreams?

If not, let’s change that! You can discuss your ideas, budget, and goals with an expert without obligation. Just get in touch with a local Wellington Landscaping Consultant and arrange your free consultation.

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