A Coastal Driveway in Ruakaka

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Coastal driveway

Of all of the choices that Pat made for her coastal driveway installation, she is adamant that the best one was choosing Jason Clarke and his team from Zones Landscaping Whangarei. The project was completed within two days and the Zones design and build process helped her stay close to her budget.

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When Ruakaka resident Pat Lott was ready to put her home on the market she decided her gravel driveway was in need of an upgrade. She wanted a natural look to compliment her coastal home but also wanted to use materials that would stay within her budget. Pat enlisted the help of Jason Clarke and his team from Zones Landscaping in Whangarei. She was thrilled with the final result and found that the Zones process of design and build helped her to stay close to her budget.

Driveway in Ruakaka

Designing a new driveway using natural paving

While the original gravel driveway had been installed 12 months prior, Pat was unhappy with the surface and did not want concrete. She was interested in a softer look that would complement the home’s coastal style and stay within her budget. It was decided that asphalt would exceed the project’s budget, so Jason and his team suggested using natural paving. Pat liked the idea, and it fell within her $12,000 budget. “(Pat) selected "hokey pokey" pebbles from the available range”, says Whangarei’s Zones Landscaping specialist Anisa Clarke. “As her property is very coastal, and she already uses a lot of pebbles in her garden, the golden look of the pebbles complemented the beachy look of the property.”

From there, the process began. With the help of Next Level Utility Contractors, Zones Landscaping removed the 60mm base layer of gravel and installed the 128 square meters of natural, vehicle level, paving. The pavers were laid on a compacted base and the team worked with the somewhat new concrete edging on the driveway.

pebble driveway in Ruakaka

A pebbled driveway

Next up was the pebbles. “The natural pavers transform the pebbles into a hard surface whilst still giving a soft and ambient look”, explains Anisa. “They hold the pebbles in place, allowing you to walk and drive on them without movement. Little maintenance is required and rain will pass straight through the surface as the natural pavers are very permeable.” Within two days the project was complete, giving Pat plenty of time to market her property over the summer. Happy with the final result and the way it compliments her home, Pat claims she wouldn’t change a thing.

Her final thoughts?

“I wholeheartedly recommend (Jason) and his company, Zones Landscaping Whangarei. The work was done on schedule and I was at all times kept in the loop as to progress. The result is brilliant and I am one very satisfied customer.”

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Jason Clarke is Landscaping Consultant of Clarke Landscaping Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Whangarei

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