Improving privacy, security and the lawn were the main objectives is this West Auckland landscaping project.

WORDS Mina Phillips

When the Landscaping Consultant first met with the owners of this lovely West Auckland home, he was told that they wanted to improve the appearance of the front and sides of their property. Their specifications? Quick and cost-effective.

The Landscaping Consultant says there were three key objectives to the project. The first priority involved improving the “sunken and cracked” lawn surface. The second was to improve the security of the property while keeping the family’s dog secure and safe. Lastly, the clients wanted to be able to enjoy more privacy from the street.  

“Project planning helped to ensure that the installation was completed quickly and efficiently”, explains the Landscaping Consultant.

After presenting his clients with an approved fixed-quote, the Landscaping Consultant worked with his team to complete the project within his client’s specifications.

Installing a new aluminium fence and gate

“The team installed an aluminium fence and side gate with a latch to keep the clients’ little Yorkie from escaping”, tells the Landscaping Consultant.

As a result, the homeowners’ dog now has plenty of space to freely run around in.

Rolling out a Readylawn

The next focus area was the lawn.

“To upgrade the lawn, the team cultivated the existing lawn, added new topsoil and lawn mix. From there, they rolled and installed a tall fescue ready-lawn.”

Garden edging and planting

Moving on to the garden, the team built timber edging around the garden borders, creating a natural contrast against the now thick and healthy lawns. 

“A row of Ficus Tuffy was planted behind the front keystone retaining wall to give more privacy from the street. This was finished with some natural mulch”, says the Landscaping Consultant.

The finished result

What was once a plain outdoor space is now functional and vibrant. The street view of the property has been significantly improved, and the homeowners are able to enjoy a new sense of privacy and security. 

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