An ambient louvre project in Stonefields

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A simple louvre installation grew into an impressive two-stage project in this landscape design in Stonefields.

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When homeowner Christy decided to have a louvre roof installed on her Stonefields property, she initially had planned to have it carried out through a supplier. After hearing about the comprehensive project management system that Zones landscaping offers, Christy’s decision was made. She entrusted Zones landscaping specialist Kate Ryan with the job of converting her outdoor space into a well designed social zone and family area.

To make the most of their outdoor space, Christy decided to extend the concrete patio to allow for extra functionality.


“The louvre was initially over the smaller existing patio but we increased the patio, adding in a concrete section”, tells Kate. “We also made over the full length of the back of the house.”

After hearing about the comprehensive project management system that Zones landscaping offers, Christy’s entrusted Zones landscaping specialist Kate Ryan with the job.

The patio extension proved to be difficult, but worth it, according to Kate.

“The concrete patio was challenging to match and join onto the existing patio”, explains Kate. “The colour evened out but the join lines were a bit annoying so I suggested an outdoor rug which Christy got - it is perfect for covering the join and making the area nice for the kids to play on.”

Outdoor lighting

From there, Christy chose to add LED lights to the louvre.

“Christy felt adding LED lighting was a great call, even with the cost, as it added extra ambience and usability to the space at night”, tells Kate.

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With the louvre being the original project, Christy decided to include a second stage, which included designing and installing an outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor fireplace

“The block-work enclosed gas fire was a challenge to design but came out so well”, says Kate. “It has a hearth, which we honed back to show the aggregate. We then made it a darker colour using sealer. The fireplace surroundings are made of plastered block-work, which we painted charcoal.”

The fireplace block wall presented a few challenges. Building it around one of the louvre posts proved to be a demanding job. Lining the back of the wall up with the corner of the house, as well as the patio, was also a detailed job. The final requirements included connecting electricity and gas to the fireplace.

The final result

Kate puts the fantastic final result down to her team.

“[The client] love the overall effect"
- Kate, landscaping specialist

“Our blocky was awesome and very particular with the measurements. The firebox had to sit exactly in the cavity! It was all a tight fit but worked out so well in the end. We had good contractors on the job.”

To complete the overall appearance of the space, and to add shelter, Kate and her team added a Rosewood screen. The natural wood was oiled, which softened the look of the surrounding harder surfaces. They also planted trees, for added privacy, and replaced the timber edging along the garden.

Within two weeks the louvre and patio were complete, with the additional work leading to the entire two-part project being finished in just one month. Christy and her family are left with an increased outdoor social space. It includes a children’s play area, an outdoor lounge and table next to the fire as well as lights and trees for added ambience.

“They love the overall effect”, smiles Kate.

This project was completed in
April 2019
Project description
Louvre roof installation, a patio extension, LED light and a fireplace installation
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
1 month
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Lining the back of the fire block wall up with the corner of the house
Interesting aspects
The job required the assistance of 9 different trades and a total of 14 people
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Kate Ryan is Landscaping Consultant of Woodbury Landscapes Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Auckland.

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