An Outdoor Entertaining Area in Puhoi

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Rural concrete patio with spa pool, fireplace and pergola

Within four weeks Rodney's landscaping specialist Judd Stratful had provided his client with an entertainer's haven - concrete flooring and macrocarpa beams surrounded by a garden, outdoor fireplace and spa pool.

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When Rodney landscaping specialist Judd Stratful was set the task of building an outdoor entertaining area for a client in Puhoi, the project was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances. As a result, the client spent $10,000 less than the original budget estimate and the project was completed within 4 weeks. Check out our cost estimate for building a basic outdoor room

The project's brief

Judd’s client wanted an outdoor area where she could entertain family and friends. This included installing concrete flooring, posts, an outdoor fireplace, a surrounding garden, seats and a spa pool. She also wanted the area to provide an adequate amount of shade from the summer sun. With the help of his design and build team, Judd began bringing the project to life.

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Building a pergola

Installing macrocarpa posts and beams, rather than laminated posts and beams, offered a more affordable option. The client also opted to build the macrocarpa pergola with a shade sail rather than a louvre to save on costs. The next challenge was attempting to move the fireplace into position.     

The final result

Within four weeks Judd and his team had installed the concrete, the macrocarpa posts and beams, the garden was planted, the fireplace put in position and spa pool installed. An entertaining area of 80m2 was added to the customer’s modern home, with seats and a shade sail remaining a future prospect.

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This project was completed in
March 2019
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Project description
Outdoor Entertaining Area
New Zealand
Project duration
4 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Moving the fireplace
Interesting aspects
Using macrocarpa posts and beams
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