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Pergola for outdoor living by zones landscaping, New Zealand

Waitakere Zones Landscaping Specialist assisted these homeowners in achieving a covered outdoor area that allows for year-round outdoor entertaining.

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Seeking some year-round practicality for their outdoor space, homeowners Alex and Michelle contacted Zones Landscaping for some thorough design and landscaping support. They met with Zones Waitakere Landscaping Specialist who helped them to design and implement their outdoor room ideas. 

“We wanted to create an outdoor space that we could use year-round, that provided shelter from the elements and a space to entertain in as well as space for our little one to enjoy outside, no matter the weather”, explains Alex. “Zones had a wide portfolio of work which included some design elements that looked good to us for our particular project.”

Landscape design

The landscaping specialist worked with the pair to develop a plan that suited their needs and priorities. Aesthetics were important: Alex and Michelle wanted to ensure that the design would be cohesive with their home exterior. The landscaping specalist was also mindful of helping them to develop a design that was compliant with council regulations, without requiring consent. 

Eager to enjoy outdoor coverage that would also allow them to see the sky, Alex and Michelle asked for a perspex pergola ceiling. The layout was also discussed - with a particular emphasis on the placement of the BBQ. Final design considerations included the stormwater connection and the benefits of future-proofing the new outdoor space with blinds. 

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“We found the team to be extremely helpful”, says Alex. “The landscaping specialist was willing to listen and discuss our options. He also took on board our feedback regarding the design and desired outcomes. The landscaping specialist was also able to come up with some great ideas that we had not considered that made the project take on a new life.”

“As the concept planning developed, we realised that re-positioning the steps onto the deck would give better access to the space”, explains the landscaping specialist. “This theme was brought to life using a 3D plan to help give the clients a feel for the final result.”

Once the design was finalised and the materials selected from Mitre 10 and Pacific Outdoor Solutions, the landscaping specialist was able to provide the homeowners with a cost estimate. He then scheduled in his team to carry out the outdoor update and supervised progress across the project’s set timeline. 

Project management

“We really liked the landscaping specialist's down-to-earth approach to the project and his willingness to drop by when we wanted to discuss parts of the project”, says Alex. “We appreciated the personal approach. The landscaping specialist fixed issues easily. When we noticed something was not quite right with the posts on our roof (they had to move to the right) he agreed and got it done with no hassles. It was fantastic that he made it stress-free for us.”

Completed within four weeks, the new design features large 150mm x 150mm aluminium corner posts that complement the house nicely.

“The team were great to work with and went the extra distance to create a seamless look to the new landing and stairs on the entry to our outdoor room”, concludes Alex. “We are really pleased with the results and now have a fantastic outdoor space to use all year round. It has great natural light and meets our needs. The entryway to our house is transformed and the outdoor room fits with the overall look and feel of the house.”

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This project was completed in
November 2020
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Project description
A covered aluminium outdoor area with a permanent roof and improved outdoor layout
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
4 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Developing a design that was compliant with council regulations, without requiring consent.
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