Making outdoor entertaining a breeze in windy Wellington

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Deck space with timber balustrade

Positioned on an upper storey in a high-wind zone, this outdoor living area is now a wonderful space to entertain and drink in the Karori scenery. Meticulous planning and oversight from Zones has enabled a Wellington family to enjoy seamless indoor-outdoor flow with their newly renovated deck.

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Dreaming of Deck Space 

It’s no secret that Kiwis cherish time spent outdoors. That’s why indoor-outdoor flow is a top priority for many homeowners. Scott and his family were looking to expand their first floor living space onto a deck made for relaxing, entertaining, and firing up the BBQ. But their 1930s bungalow stands in a particularly gusty section of Karori, meaning extra care had to be taken to ensure the alfresco space could withstand the wind. Scott called on Zones Landscaping Consultant Lia Boersma to oversee the planning and construction of this outdoor expansion.

Making Necessary Adjustments

The existing deck was in poor condition. Nor was it compliant with building regulations, particularly with the balustrade less than a metre high. The decking also needed to be raised to be level with the floor indoors.

Lia’s solution was to rebuild the balustrade, replacing the existing timber batten system with an Outdure clipping system specifically designed for retrofitting, thus ensuring no nails would penetrate the existing waterproof membrane that prevents water seeping through the deck. The composite decking timber used to raise the level also clipped neatly to the Outdure system. 

Replacing the window and door opening onto the deck with a multi-stacker sliding door system has transformed both the views from indoors and provided for seamless indoor-outdoor flow.

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An outdoor cooking solution

The family love to cook outside, but Karori’s wind gusts were strong enough to move Scott’s standalone barbecue. Lia’s solution? A built-in barbecue, personalised with a heavy marble counter and rough stone cladding enhanced with a sealer for a beautiful finish. At 83kg/sqm, this eye-catching feature is not blowing anywhere!

Keeping an eye on costs

Lia’s resourcefulness with product pricing and budgeting kept costs well under control. Scott applauded her hands-on approach to manage the drawings process, organise contractors, manage council approvals, and offer her expertise on a selection of products.

Final Thoughts

Scott and his family now enjoy a stunning deck space for their weekend barbecues. 

They are more than satisfied with the seamless process that Zones Landscaping provided, as well as Lia’s consistent and effective communication throughout the duration of the build.

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This project was completed in
May 2024
Project description
Deck and BBQ space
New Zealand
Project duration
5 months
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Supply delays and poor weather conditions
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A built-in barbecue with rough stone cladding
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Lia Boersma is a Landscaping Consultant of Silkworm Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Landscaping New Zealand, doing business in Wellington.

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