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Growing grass and tending beautiful lawns are part of New Zealand.  In fact New Zealand’s ability to grow grass has provided the driving force behind our economy for many generations.

However the national economy is not the reason why most of us like to tend our prized front or back lawn.  Back yard sports, family gatherings, picnics or street appeal are some of the real reasons behind our obsession with a well clipped and manicured lawn.

Zones Landscaping Specialists can not only remove your existing surface, but will install a new lawn and maintain it for you as well.  A new lawn can be installed using different methods such as sowing seed, instant lawn or lawn mat. While sowing seed and instant lawns are well known, a lawn mat is an alternative that is eco-friendly, Kiwi made, uses natural products and most importantly a healthy, good looking lawn that will last.

Your lawn is part of a system and as such needs to have other componentry to maximize its benefits and quality.  An irrigation system is recommended by Zones to keep your lawn well watered and maintain your lawn in great condition. 

Mowing, some people love to mow their lawns, others hate it.  If you are in the latter group, then Zones Landscaping Specialists can help.  Either way the frequency at which your lawn is mowed can play an important part in its quality and longevity.  A well designed edging in keeping with your overall design will make it easier to maintain the edges of your lawn, as well as retain the neighboring garden.

During winter when rainfall is high a lawn needs to be well drained.  Zones Landscaping Specialists have expertise in drainage systems that will effectively manage the removal of excessive water during the wet months of winter.

When designing a lawn, consideration should be given to shading and the sun.  In the summer shading will give you an escape to the hot sun, but consideration must also be given to the minimum amount of sun a lawn needs to survive.

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