Landscaping specialist Kyle English is passionate about creating aesthetic and enjoyable landscapes.

He enjoys the variety and creative opportunity that each different landscaping project brings and is committed to helping homeowners bring their outdoor wishlists to fruition. Kyle is detail oriented and enters every project with consideration and organization, ensuring his projects are carried out in line with the original scheduling and budget. Kyle and his team will carry out your landscaping project to the highest quality, making sure all required local regulations are met in the process.

Kyle brings a strong sense of creativity and organization to each and every project he works on. Kyle's passion for landscaping was born from a childhood summer spent constructing a pond and waterfall feature with his family at their Illinois home. Since leaving that home, he has taken pleasure in working on his family’s various yards, as they moved from country to country during his adolescence. 

His appreciation for the vast landscape possibilities has grown with every country he has visited, discovering something different from the last in each new destination. Whether it was tending the mountainside grasses on his family’s home in Switzerland or constructing vegetable planters in Pensacola, he has always been able to glean a high sense of accomplishment from a job done right. 

Kyle’s experiences abroad have gifted him a keen appreciation and sense of understanding for cultures and customs, having been the foreigner more often than not. In this, he approaches every task with calculated patience, knowing it’s easier to do a job with all the assets and knowledge in hand. This is why, when an opportunity arose to work in the landscaping industry, he was all in with Zones. 

Kyle is on track to finish a Bachelors of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida. If he isn’t tending to his pool or lawn, he’s usually out preparing for an upcoming community endurance race or checking the best-sellers list for a new read.

If you would like to discuss your landscaping ideas with Kyle, get in touch to arrange a free consultation. 

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