Kyle joins Zones with three years of experience in residential construction and another three years spent in landscaping and excavation. With this expertise, he is proficient in comprehensively understanding customers’ goals and guiding them in a direction that transposes their ideas into reality. 

As a project manager, it’s his mission to see that all working parts run smoothly. This level of performance requires building strong relationships with customers, tradespeople, and suppliers but also demands attentive organisation to see that all deadlines and standards are met. Kyle holds high expectations of himself and believes that this mindset is integral for delivering a quality finish. 

Beyond his management skills, Kyle brings a creative streak to the art of landscaping. Six years in the building, landscaping, and earthmoving industry have equipped him with broad knowledge of the endless possibilities. So, for him, introducing unique concepts to customers is an exciting part of the process.

To get started on your landscaping project, Kyle welcomes you to get in touch and organise an initial consultation. “I would love to meet you, hear about your project, and determine how we can bring your dream outdoor area to life.”