Retaining Walls

Specialist retaining wall engineers, designers and builders

With New Zealand’s naturally hilly topography, retaining walls are an inevitable part of our landscape. Although there are often very practical reasons for installing a retaining wall, there are many different styles and designs that can be employed so that your wall can integrate into your landscape or alternatively, be a feature.

Zones Landscaping Specialists build retaining walls to suit many different purposes.  They allow sloping sections to be better utilized, introducing flat areas to previously unusable spaces.  A retaining wall is also often used to support swimming pools, or combined with steps to introduce access to other parts of your property.  New garden beds can easily be created by building a retaining wall or indeed multiple retaining walls down the face of a sloping section.

Retaining walls can be built in many different ways, but the most common forms of retaining wall are gravity, piling or post, cantilevered or anchored.  In a residential situation, the most common walls are built using the gravity or post/piling method.  All retaining walls should be carefully designed and built. Design’s need to be engineered to take into account structural, geotechnical and hydraulic factors.  Zones Landscaping Specialists will also design a wall to comply with building and/or resource consent regulations.

We have the expertise and know how to incorporate a great retaining wall into your property or outdoor living space.  

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