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New Zealanders love spending quality time outdoors. Whether tending to the veggie patch or kicking a rugby ball around the backyard, there’s plenty to do in a well-designed landscape. 

Partnering with the best Hawke’s Bay landscape designers, our Landscaping Specialists offer to create the outdoor space of your dreams. By providing end-to-end project management, they will ensure your landscape ideas are brought to life and completed to the highest quality possible.

Why choose Zones® Landscaping Design in Hawkes Bay?

We provide a complete landscape design service where detailed designs and cost-effective planning will pave a smooth road to your finished outdoor space. And once your project is finished, we offer to assist with further services.

How does it work? Through end-to-end project management, we provide a stress-free landscaping experience. It all starts with being assigned a Landscaping Specialist. Acting as your single point of contact, they will overlook the entire process to reduce complexity and ensure your landscape design ideas are constructed successfully. 

To deliver the best possible outcomes, your Landscaping Specialist will utilise their extensive network of industry professionals. By only enlisting reputable, trustworthy contractors, you can rest assured they will complete your project to the highest standard possible.

What landscape design services do Zones Landscaping provide?

Zones offer a diversity of premium landscaping design services in Hawke’s Bay.

By utilising our diverse network of landscaping professionals, we can access high-quality materials and the expertise needed to tackle any landscaping project.

Our landscape design services include:

  • Landscape design
  • Outdoor lighting design
  • Garden design
  • Lawn design
  • Pergola design
  • Deck design
  • Driveway design
  • Swimming pools 
  • Landscaping lighting
  • Retaining walls 
  • Fencing and gates
  • Outdoor rooms
  • Outdoor kitchens
Landscape Design Services Hawke's Bay

What are the current landscape design trends in Hawke’s Bay?

Homeowners across Hawke’s Bay are increasingly searching for ways to transform their landscapes into comfortable spaces for relaxing. These sanctuaries are best established through professional landscape design.

Trending is the use of tall trees, hedges, and evergreens with abundant foliage to frame homeowners’ landscapes and shelter their properties. This strategic planting is a practical way to create private, serene settings. And not only will it look fantastic, but it will also provide a sanctuary away from the outside world.

Additionally, homeowners are enhancing their landscapes with colour. Plants with golden hues and rich burgundy tones pair wonderfully with greenery. Place them carefully, and you can create more than a welcoming environment - plants with different colours, textures, and heights are great for creating an illusion of depth.

With the endless list of garden plants, the options for designing peaceful environments are unlimited. So if you’re looking to make the most of your backyard, get in touch. Our Landscaping Specialists and their network of landscape designers in Hawke’s Bay can create the perfect outdoor design for you.  

How much does landscape design cost in Hawke’s Bay?

The price of landscape design and creation will differ depending on the complexity of the project. But for a general cost estimate, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500* - $6000+*. 

Considering redesigning your landscape? The Zones approach is designed to save your money. Simply get in touch for a free consultation, and your Landscaping Specialist will discuss your goals and develop cost-effective solutions to suit your budget.

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Zones Landscaping specialist. 

Will Zones® take care of any required Hawke’s Bay regional council consent?

Absolutely! Zones will take care of any council applications required for your landscape design. 

We have designed our service to be as stress-free as possible. From design through to build completion, we take care of all the pesky things - including paperwork. 

Does your landscape need love?

Carefully planned landscape design is essential for creating a beautiful outdoor environment to be enjoyed year-round. 

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your landscape, get in touch for a free consultation. Tell us about your landscape dreams, and we’ll turn them into reality!