5 Principles of Landscape Design: How to Transform Your Outdoor Space in Auckland Central

Outdoor deck with lourved pergola overhead

If you’re ready to transform your backyard, then it’s time to get in touch with the experts at Zones. Whether you’re looking for a complete landscape plan, need some help understanding garden design rules, or just want to learn more about the landscape design process, our Auckland landscaping specialists are here to help.

We know every backyard is different - from compact city sites to rambling and rural - but by applying the right principles our locally based landscape designers can help you design the perfect landscape plan to suit your property. 

Need inspiration? Read on to discover design tips and tricks in this mini guide to landscaping design principles. 

1. Spend time planning your Auckland Central landscape

We know it can be tempting to dive right into a backyard renovation, but the best transformations begin with a thorough landscape plan. Spend time thinking about your landscaping goals and how you envision using your backyard now and in the future. Are you willing to pay for council consent? Do you enjoy gardening or prefer a low maintenance look? Do you require fencing for children or pets? Or perhaps you are after the ultimate outdoor entertainment space

An experienced landscape consultant can help you determine your goals and find solutions to fit your needs. By creating an overall concept plan for your landscape design at the beginning of your project, your outdoor area will look more cohesive, provide the functionality you need, and there’s less chance you will need to make changes that will cost you time and money.

This beautiful landscape transformation in Auckland Central provided an inner-city refuge for the owners and is an excellent example of how detailed planning and careful consideration in the early stages deliver outstanding results. 

2. Create Zones in Your Auckland Central Backyard

Dividing up the open space and planning different zones in your backyard not only makes your garden more versatile, it creates visual interest too. A well-considered garden plan will allow you to enjoy your landscape in numerous ways. Think patios and pergolas for morning coffee, decking for entertaining, seating in the afternoon sun, vertical trellis for privacy, fire pits for the family, and thoughtful pathways and plantings to tie everything together. Incorporating water features, colour, and hardscaping can also help create different zones and visual interest.

Ultimately, the different zones or areas will be determined by your site, space, and what’s important to you. This reimagined Grey Lynn property is a fantastic example of simple zoning that adds visual interest and enjoyment to a backyard.

Pool area next to lawn and planting

3. Choose the right plants for your property (and lifestyle) in Auckland Central

Choosing plants for your property is a crucial step in the landscape design process. Backyard garden design plans should always consider the type of plants that will work for not only the property location, but your individual tastes and lifestyle. 

An experienced landscape designer will consider things such as light availability, climate, soil type, and wind exposure when selecting plants, as well as the overall aesthetics. They will also incorporate texture, colour, and seasonal interest to make sure you have a cohesive and beautiful landscape to enjoy year-round.

If you’re not a green thumb, there are plenty of low maintenance and drought tolerant plants available to suit the Auckland climate, including lavender, hydrangea and creeping thyme, as well as New Zealand natives like manuka and coprosma. For those who love a luscious look, bold tropical planting is a popular choice for the Auckland climate, while for the traditionalists, semi-formal planting can deliver a classic garden look as seen in this Greenlane renovation.

Plants in Auckland central

4. Go Vertical in Small Spaces

Many Auckland Central homes have small backyard spaces, so choosing plants and trees that have a columnar shape and grow up rather than spreading out is a smart way to incorporate greenery and colour without taking up too much valuable space. Vertical lines move the eye up, making the space feel larger. Feature trees and plants could include Apodasmia Similis or Thuja Smaragd which have a strong vertical structure, while choosing dwarf citrus and feijoa varieties is a smart way to save space.

Thinking vertically isn’t limited to planting selections. If you have a small landscape size, make use of vertical spaces along shed and house walls with wiring systems, incorporate a trellis, consider a raised terrace with seating, install a garden arbor, or add perspective and height with retaining walls and raised planter boxes. Unused landbanks can also be terraced to provide structure and interest, as these homeowners achieved during a landscape transformation of their Orakei property.

5. Mix it up in your Auckland Central Garden!

Nobody likes a boring backyard; mix up your choice of materials, heights, colours, and plants to create a visually interesting landscape. A modern, minimalist pergola in aluminium provides a great contrast against a timber deck. Mix container plantings with garden beds; incorporate a mix of pebbles, pavers, and concrete to help create different zones and keep things visually engaging. You can also add pops of colour to your space with either fencing and outdoor artwork choices, or with colourful foliage and flowers. Mixing hardscaping materials is also a great way to ensure a maintenance free garden is still appealing to the eye.

Pond, decking and furniture

Ready to discuss some landscape design concept ideas?

Then it’s time to talk to the Auckland Central experts! We can help you create your dream backyard that has been professionally designed to suit your needs. Contact Zones today to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

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