Adding Value to Your Tauranga Property Through Landscaping

Pergola and grass

When you think about adding value to your home, it’s typically through renovations – a new kitchen, an updated bathroom, or even a new roof. And while everyone always says, “it’s what’s inside that counts”, a property’s landscape is equally important, especially in a region as sunny as Tauranga where outdoor living is king!

How landscaping boosts property value in Tauranga

Something to remember during conversations about value, is that it’s more than simply financial gain. While a well-designed and maintained landscape can increase your property’s value by 10-12%, homeowners reap the benefits in a multitude of ways. 

Enhanced liveability, better functionality, and more privacy are just some of the non-financial benefits of landscaping. But, if your bottom line is the main concern with an end goal of resale, a well-manicured landscape will ensure your property is a standout listing in a competitive real estate market.  

Landscape ideas for better curb appeal and increased resale value:

  • Colourful flower beds, healthy trees, and neatly edged lawns
  • Well-lit patios and walkways
  • New fencing

Best choices for Tauranga landscapes: native plants

Native plants are always a go-to for landscaping as they’re naturally inclined to thrive in the climate. In Tauranga, flax, kowhai, and harakeke are top picks. 

During this kid-friendly landscape transformation in Mount Maunganui, elevated planters were used to house a variety of plants to embellish the yard’s perimeter. Another Tauranga project saw the expert use of plants to complement the decorative art installations while keeping the landscape low maintenance. 

Increasing value with outdoor living and entertainment areas

Thanks to Tauranga’s fantastic weather, outdoor living and entertainment areas are an absolute must to achieve peak property value. Not only are these spaces visually appealing, they also (unofficially) increase the liveable space within a property!

A functional outdoor living area can be as simple as a deck or patio if that suits your needs. But if you’re interested in something more elaborate, as seen in this impressive resort-style landscape in Te Ranga, the possibilities are truly endless. A tiered layout hosts multiple entertainment areas including those around the firepit, gas fireplace, pool, and outdoor kitchen/bar complete with double built-in barbecues. 

Designing the perfect landscape

Increasing your property’s value with a new landscape is likely, but by no means a guarantee. Landscaping is both a skill and an art! Your best bet to get the job done right is to engage an experienced landscape designer

Before you get started

To determine your approach, it’s helpful to define your motivation, which is typically one of two things: budget or design. 

  • A budget-led project sees homeowners with a hard financial boundary who want to see what’s possible within their selected price point. 
  • A design-led landscape is centred around achieving a specific aesthetic or including a collection of features, regardless of cost. 

Either approach works well and, at Zones, our Landscaping Consultants can ensure a project is successful, whether it’s done on a budget or driven by design.

Working with professionals

While DIY may be tempting, designing a cohesive and functional landscape is far more intensive than a weekend spent weeding your garden. And even more moving parts come into play once it’s time to bring the plans to life! At Zones, our comprehensive approach has an experienced Landscaping Consultant guiding you through every step of the way, from ideation to final project delivery, for a stress-free and enjoyable experience. 

Want a property you can be proud of?

We’re here to help! Get in touch with the team at Zones Tauranga to arrange an initial consultation. We’ll discuss your ideas, goals, and budget while answering any questions you have about the process. 

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