Ensure Thriving Plants All Year Round

Lush green lawn with careful plant selection

Whatever the weather, whatever the time of year… your backyard should be a place you can enjoy all year round. But, if you’re looking at overgrown bushes, muddy corners, and bedraggled plants, it might be time to get your garden back on track

With tips from our experienced landscape design experts and stunning examples of local transformations, we know you’ll be inspired to spruce up your space with these landscaping essentials and enjoy everything your central Auckland backyard has to offer!

Auckland Gardening Preparation Tasks

In a sunny city like Auckland, there’s a lot that goes into planning a successful landscape. But there are two things you should never overlook: plant selection and irrigation methods. 

Plant Selection

Smart plant selection is key when it comes to the success of your Auckland garden so be discerning with your choices. If you’re after a low maintenance garden, choosing plants that look after themselves will be essential but don’t let practical overrule style. Consider the aesthetic you want to achieve, and other factors like which parts of your garden get the most sunlight and when, to help with your plant selection.

Irrigation Methods

For green grass and lush gardens, irrigation and lawn care are non-negotiables. Despite recent rainfall in Auckland, the city does get its share of drought, so it’s always a good idea to take advantage of wet weather by harvesting rainwater to use in your garden. Sprinklers provide the most coverage for lawns, whereas drip irrigation is ideal for spot treatments on trees, shrubs, and other individual plants.  

Carefully selected plants framing the landscape

Protecting Your Garden from Auckland Pests

Aphids, thrips, ants, and caterpillars are a few common pests that can damage your gardens and transmit diseases to otherwise healthy plants. Luckily, pests like these are relatively easy to combat. Prevention is always easier than controlling an infestation, but if the pests have already invaded, all hope is not lost. Here are a few ways you can protect your garden:

Physical removal

This tactic requires you to be vigilant, so be sure to keep a watchful eye over your garden. If there are visible eggs, webbing, or build-up, sometimes all you need to do is take a microfibre cloth or toothbrush and clear away the debris. 

Garlic spray and neem oil

These are great natural alternatives to chemical pesticides and are ideal for families with pets, small children, or edible gardens. Use garlic spray as a deterrent and neem oil once the pests have already shown up to the party. 

Strategic planting

Crop rotation and companion planting are highly effective techniques to maximise a plant’s growth and productivity. It’s not just where you plant but what you plant alongside that can ensure the health of a plant. Our guide on choosing the right plants for your Auckland Central landscape discusses which plants go together and how you can perfect the art of companion planting. 

Retaining wall filled with shrubs

Auckland Central Landscape Design Inspiration

Frustrated with your landscape but hitting a roadblock when brainstorming ways to improve it? You’ve come to the right place. There’s no shortage of stylish landscape inspiration here! Our talented team has helped homeowners transform otherwise unusable landscapes into beautiful and functional gardens that are perfectly suited to Auckland’s climate.

Wish you had a lush spa retreat in your own backyard? So did these St. Heliers homeowners! See how the Auckland Central team brought their vision to life despite their plot’s small footprint. 

Spa pool framed with native planting
Building a Lush Spa Retreat in St. Heliers, Auckland

Success Stories from Auckland Central Garden Projects

“Kate was excellent at organising this whole project and her landscapers were also excellent in the quality of their work as well as initiative in dealing with a very difficult site. The project was completed in good time in spite of the various covid restrictions in place at the time. They also left the surroundings very tidy. I now have an attractive garden which is easy to maintain.” Heather Lees

“The Zones landscaping team have delivered us a great garden and house front solution. We had a few ideas about what we wanted, and the team presented us with a few options, mindful of the maintainability, longevity and costs of those options. 100% we would recommend them & would love to work with them again.”— Zones client, Aseem Chiplonkar

Could your backyard use a designer’s touch?

It’s not as unattainable as you may think! Our Landscaping Consultants have delivered beautiful, bespoke designs for homeowners on budgets of all sizes. To discuss your options, just get in touch with your local Auckland Central Landscaping Consultant to arrange an initial consultation.  

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