The Art of Plant Selection: Choosing the Right Plants for Your Landscape in Auckland Central

Overhead shot of a landscape with a variety of plants and textures

If you’re tired of a bland backyard, then it’s time to bring in the experts. Zones Landscaping can help you transform your outdoor living space from boring to beautiful by choosing the right plants for your property – and lifestyle.

Whether you love the idea of a subtropical look, need low-maintenance garden ideas, or are keen to get a vege garden growing, our Auckland landscaping specialists can elevate your property and create a landscape plan that reflects your personality. 

Read our mini guide below for plenty of landscape design tips to help you get inspired when it comes to choosing the right plants for your Auckland property. 

Low maintenance ideas for your perfect Auckland Central garden 

If your weekends are too precious to spend weeding and watering, then low maintenance living is for you! Forget ideas of boring concrete and grass – low maintenance living can be surprisingly lush if you choose the right type of plants for your property.

A Zones Renovation Consultant can help you choose easy maintenance garden plants that require minimal care, but still reward you with beautiful foliage for most of the year. Many native plants for example are fuss-free if they are planted in the right soil and sun orientation, while swapping flower borders for low maintenance hedges keeps things modern and minimalist. 

Have awkward strips of grass? Think about replacing them with shrubs, ground covers, or a patio space. Want colour without constant commitment? Opt for large flower pots that are easier to maintain. Check out our low maintenance landscape guide for plenty of other tips and tricks.

This Sandringham backyard is a great example of a low maintenance makeover, while this Remuera renovation transformed an overgrown garden into a versatile area for outdoor living that was much more manageable for the owners.

Prepping your Auckland Central garden for summer veges 

If you’re dreaming of summer veges, then you need to get your soil prepped for produce! Keen gardeners know that what you put into the soil affects what you get out, so make sure you use quality soil, compost, and fertilisers to maximise your vege crop. 

If your green thumb is still developing, try starting with easy beginner crops such as cut and come again lettuce and spinach, radish, bok choi, rocket, spring onions, and cabbage. Believe it or not, kids love to be involved in the vege garden so let them choose a few crops to oversee – purple carrots and sugar snap peas are often winners! 

If you need help knowing when and what to plant, Auckland vegetable planting calendars found online are a fantastic resource – you can even select what to plant in New Zealand in September, for example.

Our talented Auckland landscape gardening specialists can help you renovate your existing vegetable garden or design a brand new one tailored to your property, including compost bays, irrigation, and raised garden beds. 

Get Clever with Companion Planting in Auckland Central

What do beetroot and broccoli have in common? They’re companion plants, of course! 

Companion planting is the practice of grouping plants together that compliment and support each other, creating an ecosystem for plants to thrive. Planting basil, tomatoes, and marigolds together is a classic example; the basil increases the tomato flavour, while the marigolds help attract bees for pollination, and repel aphids! A win-win for your garden – and your summer salads.

Sometimes companion planting is all about the smell. The scent of celery helps deter the dreaded white cabbage butterfly, so it is great to plant near brassicas. Carrots and leeks both have strong scents that drive away each other’s pests, so they are ideal companions. And, have you ever thought of growing garlic amongst your roses? It can help keep the aphids at bay!

Companion planting can help below ground too. Peas and beans add nitrogen to the soil, so plant brassicas and sweetcorn where beans were growing the previous season. Plus, they’re great for providing shade to smaller plants like spinach.  

Garden Design to Complement your Lifestyle and Home

Our expert consultants can help you determine your garden goals to make sure your backyard makeover is right for your home, and your lifestyle. A large lawn could be perfect for a big family but might be too much to manage for an older couple. Likewise, the semi-formal planting at this Auckland Central home might not suit those with young children, but is just right for a retired green thumb!

At Zones, we can help you choose the right plants, shrubs, trees and more to create the look you want that will flourish in your Auckland Central environment. You might be surprised how the right plants can transform even the most unpromising spaces into a true oasis!

 This contemporary landscape design in Orakei is an excellent example; a steep, difficult to maintain landbank was transformed into a stunning garden, featuring an irrigation system perfectly suited for Auckland’s weather thanks to an experienced Auckland Zones Landscaping Specialist.  

Need help choosing the right plants for your Auckland Central property?

We can help! If you’re looking for landscaping ideas in Auckland to transform your backyard into the stylish oasis you’ve always dreamed of, then it’s time to get in touch. Contact us at Zones Auckland Central today to arrange a free consultation and take the first step towards your new backyard.

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