At Zones, we work with talented landscape gardeners and garden designers in Central Auckland who can accommodate any budget and landscape to bring a garden to life without your having to so much as lift a trowel.

With their years of experience and extensive knowledge of plants and planting environments at your disposal, they can suggest how to transform even the most unpromising of spaces into an oasis of well-being – for people and plants alike.

To discuss your dream garden vision, get in touch and we can arrange a free consultation. 

Why choose Zones Landscaping?

Auckland’s humidity and summer water shortages pose real problems for home gardeners. Fungal diseases flourish (think black spot on roses) and watering restrictions can be particularly hard on colourful annuals, seasonal vegetables, and newly established shrubs and fruit trees.

Our Landscaping Consultants in Central Auckland are familiar with the city’s microclimates, varying property sizes, and all of the nuances that go into creating a healthy and sustainable garden. 

Their expert eye for soil conditions, drainage, shade and sunlight, and exposure to wind, will save you money and prevent the dismay of seeing plants wilt and die because they are in the wrong place.

At every step, your Zones Landscaping Consultant will oversee all details of your project, from coordinating tradies to sourcing the best plants. They’ll also call their trusted network of residential gardeners, landscaping professionals, and preferred suppliers at each stage of your project. 

What are the current gardening trends in Auckland Central?

Domestic greenhouses are increasingly common in Auckland and are well-suited to the climate. They come in a range of sizes and enable year-round gardening pleasure, for garden enthusiasts and novices alike.  

Heritage or heirloom species, disease-resistant fruit trees especially, are popular choices for established properties in suburbs like Parnell and Remuera. If you’re unsure what to grow, your Zones Landscaping Consultant can make recommendations and source the ideal varieties for your property. 

What gardening services do Zones Landscaping provide?

We offer a comprehensive range of gardening services. Installing downpipes for rainwater collection, creating vertical gardens for urban properties, or simply drawing up planting plans - we work with the leading gardeners in Central Auckland so you can have the gardenscape of your dreams. 

Our gardening services include:

  • Edible gardens
  • Vertical gardens
  • Urban gardens
  • Raised garden bed designs
  • Rock garden design
  • Planting services
  • Irrigation
  • Ground levelling
  • Lawn installation
  • Planting plans

How much does it cost to create a landscaped garden in Auckland Central?

The cost depends on the scope and scale of your project. Discussing your budget and goals with your Landscaping Consultant will give you a clear idea of what’s achievable within your range.

As a general example, a simple garden transformation inclusive of fledgling plants, a small rock garden, and other basic detailing starts at approximately $5,000+*. A more elaborate garden makeover - complete with outdoor lighting, gas torches, mature plants, and a bespoke waterfall - could be upwards of $100,000, or more if you’re building an outdoor kitchen or planning for a swimming pool. 

These costs are only estimates though and are subject to change. Your local Zones Landscaping Partner will provide a fixed quote for your specific project.

*For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Zones Landscaping Consultant. 

Will Zones take care of any required Council consent? 

Your Landscaping Consultant will assess if any Council consent is required for your garden project, and undertake all the formal paperwork to obtain the necessary approval. 

Ready to get growing?

To arrange a free consultation with your local Zones Landscaping Consultant, get in touch and take the first step to transform your Central Auckland garden.