Landscaping in Tauranga During Winter

Pergola and pavers

Everyone loves the backyard in summer, but with some thoughtful landscaping and clever design, you can create a wonderful winter retreat, too! Zones are the Tauranga experts when it comes to custom landscaping and can help you create a functional and beautiful outdoor space, even in the colder months. Take a look at our handy landscaping planning checklist, then check out our top winter design tips below! 

Plant when your garden will grow

You might not enjoy the chilly temps, but your new plants will! Winter is the ideal time for landscaping as it is less stressful for plants – they are less likely to suffer from transplant shock and won’t wilt in the sun. Plus, plants and trees focus on root growth during winter which means they will be strong and well established by summer and ready to deliver new green growth.

Get cosy with fire pits and outdoor fireplaces

Winter isn’t all doom and gloom, especially when you’re toasting marshmallows around a cosy fire! Firepits and outdoor fireplaces not only look fantastic, they also add an entertainment element to your outdoor living space - and of course help keep you warm in winter! Adding an outdoor fireplace to your deck will help you utilise this valuable space year-round.

Light up the night

Good lighting is critical to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces during the longer nights. You can consider solar lights, automatic lighting, garden spotlights, or even fun festoon lighting. Well planned lighting is not only important for safety, it adds colour, warmth, and fun to your backyard. Lighting is one element of landscape design that is often overlooked – so check out design blogs and our case studies for inspiration, or talk to your local Zones Landscaping Consultant about the latest in lighting design ideas. 

Beat the bog

Tauranga may be a sun magnet, but it gets its fair share of rainfall, too. Addressing common drainage issues will help you beat the bog! Invest in drainage systems, a professional landscape design, and choose the right landscaping materials to keep your yard in top shape during a wet winter. Permeable materials for paved areas also help manage runoff and excess water.

Elevate your gardens - literally!

If you’re a green thumb, then raised garden beds are just the ticket for keeping your home grown veges happy year-round. During a wet winter, a raised garden bed helps with soil drainage as well as keeping the soil warmer, which means you can plant earlier in the season. Plus – built up garden beds are easier on the back!

Choose the right hardscaping elements

A professional landscape designer will help you choose functional and stylish hardscaping elements that can withstand a wet winter. From limestone pavers to composite lumber, the right hardscaping options will help keep your landscaping looking fabulous for years to come. Your Landscaping Consultant can suggest materials and designs that are suited to your particular property and to the Tauranga climate, considering rain levels and salty coastal air. This arty Papamoa property used the weather to their advantage by installing steel and timber elements designed to weather naturally.

Transform Outdoor Spaces into Winter Living Areas

Outdoor rooms are a great addition to any home. Designed well, they will seamlessly flow from indoors to out (like this contemporary space in Papamoa), extending your living space and creating a great entertainment zone – yes even in winter! Create shelter with pergolas or permanent roof structures that protect against the winter weather, up the ambiance with lighting, and keep things cosy with an outdoor fireplace. For more inspiration, take a look at this article about popular pergola styles in Tauranga, or read about this chic Te Ranga landscaping that included a retractable pergola roof. 

Dine Al Fresco

Outdoor cooking doesn’t have to be limited to a summer BBQ. Integrating a kitchen into your outdoor living space will allow you to cook and dine outdoors year-round. Whether you keep it simple with a built-in BBQ and prep bench, or invest in a full kitchen including refrigeration, bar, and more, it’s important to choose weather-resistant materials and appliances. Don’t forget to ‘winter-proof’ the space with shelter, heating, and lighting to make it cosy and enjoyable once the temperatures drop.

Turn up the heat

If you want your outdoor space to be usable in the winter, you need to choose a heat source. An outdoor gas fire or open wood fireplace can make a stunning focal point in your backyard design but do come with a higher price tag, while portable heaters provide a more cost-effective solution. Infrared heaters are an energy efficient and eco-friendly choice, while underfloor heating is the ultimate luxury that is sure to keep your tootsies cosy year round! 

Ready to transform your landscape this winter?

Let our expert Landscape Consultants help you plan a stunning backyard makeover you can enjoy year-round. They offer free, no obligation consultations so get in touch today to make your landscaping dreams a reality.

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