The Hottest Outdoor Design Trends in Tauranga

Spa pool on decking

Give your Tauranga garden the ultimate makeover this year. We’ve compiled some of the most coveted outdoor design trends for you to explore.

First things first – consider your space

Before we jump into the trends, it’s important to consider the following elements when you’re thinking about outdoor living design for your property:


Think about the things you want to do in your outdoor area. For instance, entertainers might focus on outdoor kitchen designs, while those craving a zen sanctuary might prioritise elements such as rock gardens or spa pool areas. In essence, the function of your outdoor living area will dictate its design.


The circulation refers to the flow of outdoor spaces and how people move within them. This includes pathways, paver stones, stairs, and other connecting features to ensure your backyard promotes seamless flow.


This element refers to the orientation of your property in relation to surrounding features, such as the sun, other houses, wind exposure, and existing vistas. A landscape designer will take aspects into account when planning your alfresco living space.

When you choose to work with a professional landscape designer like Zones, our Landscaping Consultants can help you assess the above elements on your property to ensure you’re getting the most out of your new landscape.

New Zealand’s Hottest Outdoor Design Trends in 2024

Once you have a better idea of your space and what you wish to accomplish with a landscaping makeover, it’s time to take a look at the outdoor design trends that Kiwis are loving right now:

Take decking to new heights

Vertical decking not only creates a privacy screen, but also acts as a cool feature wall and a climber for plants. In New Zealand, timber planks are a popular choice to create these show-stopping structures.

Easy, breezy shading

Protect your yard from Tauranga’s unforgiving sun with cool shade sails. If sun safety is of utmost importance for your space, you might consider sails with built in UV protection. Your sails can also serve as an anchor for feature lighting to enjoy when day turns to night.

Let there be light!

Speaking of feature lighting, find new and exciting ways to illuminate your outdoor area. Orb lights are taking off as an option to create a calming, resort-like vibe. Of course, you can never go wrong with classic fairy lights or string lights, too.

Check out the incredible lighting solutions that this landscape incorporated for a chic finish.

Ultimate indoor-outdoor flow

Turn your outdoor space into another room that you can enjoy year-round. Modifications such as louvre roofs, built in fireplaces, and thoughtful, comfy furniture keep your outdoor room feeling cosy in all seasons. 

Adding a fire feature creates a focal point, while louvre roofs can be adjusted to enclose your space when it’s chilly or open up to the sky and sunshine when the weather is nice. Incorporate ample seating and style with a colour palette and furniture that reflects the design aesthetic of the rest of your home. Particularly, modular furniture is an excellent choice because of its adaptability – you can easily alter the layout to accommodate different numbers of guests.

Create a green screen

Best suited for an outdoor room, green walls bring a bit of wow-factor to an otherwise boring wall. They are easy to maintain and provide bonus privacy due to their near-soundproof quality.

Decking with outdoor furniture

Sustainable solutions

Sustainability is in, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate eco-conscious ideas into your outdoor design:

  • Natural landscaping is on the rise, leaving overly-manicured gardens behind. A natural landscape incorporates native plants, which is better for the environment. Plus, these gardens are low-maintenance, which means you’ll spend less time fussing over your yard and more time enjoying its beauty.
  • Hand-crafted decor is not only unique, but a more sustainable option compared to its mass-produced counterparts. These one-of-a-kind artisanal elements give your home a bit of character, too. Think hand-woven baskets and rugs, custom outdoor bench seat designs, and more.
  • Raised garden beds are wonderful for those who wish to embrace their green thumb and grow their own fruits and vege. Because raised beds are above-ground, they usually have better drainage and water retention, meaning you use less water to maintain your beds.
  • Chemical-free pools go easy on the environment and your body. This Tauranga pool features the Naked Fresh Water System that uses natural minerals to oxidise and clean the pool instead of relying on chlorine and other harsh chemicals. 
Bathtub on timber decking

Why work with Zones Landscaping Tauranga?

Zones utilises an intuitive, bespoke process to bring your outdoor living ideas to life. From house landscaping design and construction to budget maintenance and project management, our Landscaping Consultants handle it all. Plus, they’re on the pulse of the latest landscaping trends to inspire your space.

From your very first consultation meeting, you’ll have your local Landscaping Consultant act as your single point of contact for your project’s entirety. After confirming your design drawings and building a budget plan, your Landscaping Consultant will make sure all council requirements are met before breaking ground. 

Experts at Zones also have access to an incredible network of local contractors and suppliers, so you know you’re getting the very best in the business when it comes to construction and materials. Your Landscaping Consultant serves as the project manager who will oversee the work from start to finish, while keeping you updated regularly. 

The end result? A backyard that you’ll be excited to boast about.


What is the process for designing an outdoor space to suit my lifestyle?

The Zones five-step process is a tried and trusted method for planning and executing your ideal house landscape design. You’ll work with a dedicated Landscaping Consultant over the course of your landscaping project who will help you find the right features for your outdoor space that match your taste and lifestyle needs. Whether that’s a space to cook and entertain, relax and unwind, or all of the above, Zones can make it happen!

What are the benefits of working with a professional outdoor designer?

Working with an expert can be the most cost effective solution because you mitigate potential errors that might occur when you try to DIY. Plus, you get the advantage of industry expertise and connections to excellent suppliers and contractors. 

Want to update your outdoor living space?

Get in touch to discuss your outdoor area ideas with a Tauranga Landscaping Consultant today! We look forward to sharing outdoor indoor living designs, the latest patio trends, and more.

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