A complete garden landscape in Papamoa Beach

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Landscaping specialist Nigel Ramsden was brought in to revive this tired and dated rear garden.

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Homeowners Petula and Keith knew their rear garden was tired and dated and decided to bring in Zones landscaping specialist Nigel Ramsden to revive their landscape. 

Landscape design

When Nigel first arrived on site, he saw that the existing rustic fence offered very little in terms of privacy and in one corner it had even slipped due to erosion. Nigel explained his plans to the homeowners and provided them with a potential design that would increase their privacy, remove the existing step from the house to the patio, and introduce some great plants. Petula and Keith agreed, allowing Nigel and his team to get started.

Decking and fencing

Nigel lifted the deck to the house’s floor height. “This gave greater access for the client,” explains Nigel. Then, he replaced the fence, “which gave greater privacy, but also helped stop their dog from barking at walkerbys on the reserve by the garden,” he adds.

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Nigel credits the Zones process for the successful implementation of the plans. “The process gave clarity to what the clients wanted to achieve,” he elaborates. “When we presented the design to the client, they could clearly see the highlighted advantages and were more than happy to proceed.”

During the build, they decided to change the deck type from Garapa Hardwood to Future Wood Composite. “The client realised the advantages of little maintenance and the colour perfectly matched their property,” says Nigel. 

Nigel used his own team for this project, “We did it all except the concrete edge around the lawn.” There was no council consent required either, but Nigel usually acquires this on behalf of his clients. The primary materials used in this project was the Futurewood deck, as well as concrete pavers which were re-used from the original garden. 

When asked if he faced any challenges during the project, Nigel reveals: “Repairing the old wall in the corner was challenging as there had been some minor subsidence. We had to excavate the wall and replace some of the timber panels.” 


Once all of the hardscaping was complete, Nigel and his team planted trees and plants in the gardens. The garden area next to the shed features a veggie pot, Lomandra Little Con, Camellia Quintessence, Rhododendron Vireya, Philodendron Xanadu, Camellia Setsugukka, Gardenia Radicans, Buxus Green Gem, and Buxus Graham Brandy.  

Where the garden on the other side features Gardenia Radicans, Camellia Setsugekka, Philiodendron Xanadu, Buxus Green Gem, Blechum Silver Lady, Rhododendron Vireya, Camellia Quintessence, and Podocarpus Maki. 

The new landscape design

When asked about the final result, Nigel summed it up with one word - “Fantastic!” He went on to say “Petula and Keith were great to work with. I really liked how the old paving turned out after it was re-laid, it looks really awesome.” 

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This project was completed in
September 2020
Project description
Full garden landscape
New Zealand
Project duration
2 weeks
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Repairing the old wall
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Nigel Ramsden is Landscaping Consultant of Bay Premier Landscapes, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Tauranga.

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