With a natural eye for aesthetics and a background in interior design, Thelma prides herself on her creative flair, attention to detail and obsessed with quality. She believes in the power of beautiful and functional exterior spaces that will transform a homeowners daily life. Thelma's objective is to ensure her clients get a creative, functional, unique and beautiful outdoor living area.

Thelma is passionate about her landscaping projects and feels that outside spaces need to be considered as an extension of the house - whether you have a landscaped garden or a city roof terrace, you need to consider your outside space in tandem with your inside one. Outdoors should reflect the shape, scale, and texture of surrounding buildings. 

A phrase that captures Thelma's attitude towards landscaping: “How you feel in a space is as important as it looks - the one cannot be without the other to succeed”

Thelma and her team are ready to work closely with you to transform your outdoor living space into an amazing functional enjoyable space.

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People's Choice Award - Case Study - NZ - An extraordinary outdoor living area update in Whitford
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