After noticing an incredibly beautiful feature at the Tauranga Garden & Arts Festival, these homeowners reached out to Zones to explore their opportunities.

Leanne and her partner already had established a subtropical garden around their property. Full of vibrant and large-leafed plants, the space was thriving with its new life. But they weren’t stopping there. Beyond plants, there was structural work to be done.

“We were looking for a revamp of our back yard but struggled to get two other landscapers around to even look at our site,” she says.

It wasn’t until she attended the Tauranga Garden & Arts Festival that she came across Zones Landscaping and her local expert, Nichola Vague. Wowed by her installment, Leanne got in touch right away to see what Nichola could come up with for her backyard.

Enhancing the Design

Nichola came in to work on the already developed subtropical garden. She began the design process by going over and reviewing the property. Situated in the popular coastal town - and with a superb ocean view - she could see the property’s unlocked potential. 

Her vision resulted in a design to expand the subtropical feel from front to back of the landscape by using a range of high-end materials and organically shaped structures.

Leanne mentions, “I really appreciated the time with her. She was always totally focused on our job and made things run smoothly.”

Timeline & Costing

After refining the detailed drawings and confirming feasibility, Nichola evaluated the construction timeline and overall budget. To complete the project, it would take 6 weeks, which they divided into two stages. 

During this time, Leanne and her partner loved watching the beautiful progress - so much that it kept inspiring new additions. Leanne notes: “our project expanded after seeing the work [Nichola] produced. Some of my favourite areas have the small details she added that we would never have thought of.”

Altogether, the project ended up costing $60,000; including the variations made along the way. 

Stage One: Structural Building

In the first three weeks of construction Nichola and her building team installed the decking, stairs and concrete paving. These elements were the base of a new oasis.

“Everything ran smoothly under her watch. We felt we were in very safe hands,” says Leanne.

The decking is notably beautiful. Using red-brown Kwila timber, they built the deck in a series of terraced platforms - some with a slight swivel and others with staggered placement. Together, its lifted levelling and organic shape make the most of the sloping landscape. 

Making the backyard all the more functional, the team installed a seating area that provides the perfect place for outdoor entertaining. Built with smooth concrete paving, curved dark-wood seating, and a statement fire pit; there is no better place to relax.

For additional ease, the team installed large concrete terraced pavers to provide a quick and beautiful walk to the existing spa.

Stage Two: Decorative Fixtures

Just as the homeowners wanted, the backyard now truly embodies a subtropical climate.

This environment came together by using a range of high-end materials including; rustic sleepers, lush plants and outdoor lighting. Each of these features offered a function of vibrance which Nichola utilised by carefully placing them to enhance the backyard for both indoor and outdoor views.  

The landscaping team achieved this by extending the use of sleepers and concrete steps to the north side of the house to shape a pathway. Framed by fortified planting and lighting features, the new path provides a beautiful journey down to the beachfront. 

A Wonderful Result

“Nichola went above and beyond our expectations. She is a great communicator, produced beautiful concepts, has a great team, and was happy to discuss anything that needed tweaking or elaborating on.”

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