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 Very user friendly and very adaptable to suit the way we want to do things and the timeline that suited us. Thanks to Steve Strawbridge. 

Alastair Cox

Very professional. Stu and Debbie understood the client's requirements. Worked closely with the client to work out solutions when facing challenges. Very detailed pricing in the quotes and transparent. Understood what's best for the garden, made good recommendations to the client when needed.

Jonathan Li

Very friendly service from Tracey and Glen (and Naomi the designer of course)

Jonathan Day

Stu and Debbie Gill were very friendly people to deal with who listened and were helpful throughout the process. 

Peter Schnell

Having a landscape designer come in and talk to you and help you design a plan tailored to your needs is definitely worth the money, and Zones does a very good job at it.

Christian Wuerdig

I liked the way Stu & Debbie Gill worked with our existing structures and plants. 

Suzanne sherwin

The team provided a quality, fast and friendly service.

Amy Grossetta

Outstanding service, professional advice and dedicated workmanship. Most of all great people to work with.

Johan Gloy