Gardens and Planting

Specialists at creating and maintaining beautiful gardens

Zones Landscaping Specialists can design, build and maintain a beautiful garden for you.  We will take into account how you would like to use your garden and how much involvement you would like to have in maintaining it.  If gardening is your pastime then let’s work together to create something that matches your gardening enthusiasm.  If you prefer to look at your garden, rather than work in it, then let’s design a garden that suits.

Apart from the home owners’ objectives for their garden, we take into account many other factors such as climatic and environmental conditions, seasonal effectiveness and colour, lifespan of plants, irrigation requirements and maintenance levels required.

Rocks and hard landscaping features can be incorporated to contrast with the softer lines of planting and all can be combined into a theme that matches your personal preference and house style.

Zones Landscaping Specialists have expertise in native planting whether it be for small urban gardens or larger lifestyle blocks. 

If your hard structures are in place then Zones Landscaping Specialists can provide a planting only plan to help breathe new life into your existing garden.  As with all our proposals, we will provide a maintenance plan for you to consider helping keep your garden or planting project alive and well!

Get in touch with Zones to discuss your landscaping project

If you would like discuss options and ideas for your outdoor garden, please use the enquiry form alongside to provide us with your contact details. We will get in touch with you at a time that suits you to discuss your project.