After spending more than a quarter of a century in the corporate world of financing and accounting, landscaping specialist Chau decided to leave all that behind.

Previously a chief financial officer for global companies within the supply chain logistics industry, Chau is excited to apply his financial skill-set and high attention to detail to helping customers achieve cost-effective (yet stunning) landscape designs, planting plans, hardscapes and builds.  

Chau’s infectious sense of humour and friendly personality are sure to add a whole new element of enjoyment to your landscaping project. As he puts it, his job is to “provide the warm fuzzies, while helping customers breach the gap between their ideals and reality - what their budget will allow.” He does all this with a smile on his face, calculations on his mind and a fantastic team of outdoor experts to support him in creating bespoke landscape designs.

When he’s not coaching homeowners through their backyard projects, he can be found watching the sports fields - he considers himself an armchair spectator and critic. He has a few favourites: badminton, football, test cricket (a waning interest) and, if nothing else is on, lawn bowls. 

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