If you are interested in giving your Wellington home’s landscape a makeover, Zones Landscaping Specialist John Gould can help. John and his team will take care of every aspect of your project, from design and consents through to landscaping and building outdoor structures.

Having spent many years managing the development and delivery of complex software solutions, John is well acquainted with the rigour required to specify, develop and deliver outcomes that exceed client expectations. These transferable skills make him an asset in the landscaping management process.

 John is passionate about creating landscapes that reflect his client’s individual needs while maximising the use of their outdoor spaces. Along with his team, he takes a holistic approach to landscaping - focusing on delivering lifestyle outcomes. 

“The value of our processes for turning ideas and visions into delivered outcomes with efficiency and predictability have been proven time and again. We orchestrate the best combination of skills and services that are available to achieve the landscaping results you are expecting”, explains John. “We are a national company that leverages experience, ideas and resources from all over New Zealand so that you can be sure you are working with a dedicated and qualified team that is delivering contemporary outcomes with the most appropriate and sustainable products and designs. 

The first step in having a Zones-delivered landscape is an easy one.  There are no commitments other than taking the time to discuss your requirements and needs with me. I would be pleased to visit your property to discuss how Zones can provide you with a landscape that meets your functional and aesthetic vision.”

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