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Cooking and eating, two favorite pastimes of Kiwi’s!  Similar to outdoor rooms, outdoor kitchens have their origins a long way back with memories like the half 40 gallon drum BBQ with sizzling sausages on the grill or if you were lucky some freshly caught seafood!  Today the outdoor kitchen may be more sophisticated, but the reasons we do it are the same,  cooking a meal with family and friends.  At Zones Landscaping Specialists, we like to understand what your objectives are before applying industry knowledge and skills to ensure modern day compliance, products and systems are delivered on time and to your budget.

When planning an outdoor kitchen, proximity to the dining area is important. Often they are combined in the same space with an outdoor table setting incorporated in the design.  If the plan is to dine close by, then Zones Landcaping Specialists will design ingress and egress paths that flow and are easily travelled. 

Screening can be used for different reasons including line of sight privacy from the neighbours, helping to dampen noise or for weather protection.  There are many different screen and shade options available which should form part of the initial concept design. 

An outdoor kitchen is usually not complete without a BBQ.  Again, consumer choice is huge both in style, brand, quality and function.  You may already have a BBQ or you may wish to purchase one for your new outdoor kitchen, either way, Zones Landscaping Specialists can help select the right BBQ for your needs.  If your BBQ needs plumbing for water or gas, then Zones will arrange for this using qualified trades people.

Outdoor fireplaces, charcoal BBQ’s and pizza ovens can add great focal points to an outdoor kitchen as well as create spectacular meals.  Incorporating cooking stations into the design will ensure they are positioned correctly and fit the theme and function without appearing as an add-on.

Zones Landscaping Specialists have expertise around vegetable and herb gardens that can be designed and built into your outdoor kitchen.  Designing your gardens using specialist knowledge from Zones will ensure your garden has the best chance of providing for you long into the future.

We are finding that outdoor kitchens are being used for much longer periods of the year than ever before.  This has been assisted by the availability of great heating systems, not only appliances that provide heat but also clever shading, screens, ceilings, louvres and walls that help retain heat.  Gas and electrical systems can be installed during the build process so that they are compliant, out of sight and professionally installed.

Outdoor furniture can be purchased separately from retailers or even designed and installed as part of the outdoor kitchens permanent structures.  The advantage of more structural furniture is the ability to custom design and build furniture to suit your home.  They can also be designed and built with smart storage included.

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