Driveways and Paths

Specialists at designing and installing driveways

A driveway is the entrance to your home and has an important role to play in the street appeal and first impressions of your home.  Zones Landscaping Specialists can offer driveways that look great, are built right, and meet your budget.  There are many different products and systems that can be used to construct a driveway, such as plain, exposed, coloured, stamped or honed concrete, concrete or clay paving, loose aggregate, pebbles or shells or asphalt. 

With today’s increasing density of houses, permeable driveways are becoming common also.  A permeable driveway acts to allow rainwater to permeate through the drive to the base below which reduces surface run off and provides water to root systems.

Other systems that should be considered when installing a driveway are the edging system which can be continuous or segmental kerb and channel, or other edgings such as a retaining wall or mowing strip. 

Clever use of planting is useful for softening the hard surface of a driveway and Zones Landscaping Specialists expertise will ensure plants are selected that will grow in the conditions of your site, to the desired height and in keeping with the design of your total outdoor areas.

Apart from looking great, you driveway also needs to be functional and durable.  There is a large range of driveway contractors in New Zealand and there are no mandatory licensing requirements.  This means there is a large range in the durability and quality of driveways also.  Zones Landscaping Specialists provide quality driveways that are designed correctly and installed using best practice.

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