Fencing and Gates

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Zones are specialists at designing and building great fences.  A great fence is designed in such a way that your objectives are met and is built to last.  There’s nothing worse than a fence that starts to fall over or degrade within 24 months of being built.  Zones Landscaping Specialists avoid durability issues by using quality materials and sound design, taking into account ground conditions, existing house design and slope.

There are many different materials that fences can be built out of.  Some examples are timber paling, timber trellis, hedging and/or planting, masonry or concrete, brick, rock or stone, composite and steel.  By combining materials or utilising different styles, many permutations are possible.

Compliance is very important when erecting a fence.  In order for a fence to be compliant you may need to obtain a building and/or resource consent.  You may also need to gain consent from your neighbours.  Zones Landscaping Specialists can advise you on what compliance is required and assist with the process of obtaining it.

It is important to establish early in the process the purpose for your fence.  For example is the primary purpose for privacy, compliance, shelter, security or street appeal?  Your fence may serve multiple purposes, such as with a swimming pool fence system, which can potentially provide all of the aforementioned purposes.

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