Lighting and Power

New Zealand’s Outdoor Lighting Specialists

Lighting can make a huge difference to your garden, landscape or outdoor living space.  It can serve a functional purpose, i.e. being able to see where you’re going, but also add drama and mood when the sun goes down.  Clever use of lighting can be used to highlight features in your garden such as the prized back yard tree or your favorite art piece.

Lighting must be chosen carefully to ensure compliance and durability.  There is a large range of outdoor lighting products available today which vary in quality from low to high.  As per normal, quality is reflected in durability which can disappoint when the wrong option is chosen.  Zones Landscaping Specialists only use quality lighting systems that look great and are designed to last.

The lighting control system can also vary from basic manual switches to automatically controlled systems that are smart and efficient. 

Zones Landscaping Specialists advise our clients to incorporate lighting into the initial designs which can influence positioning of garden features and also allow early planning and thought to the practicalities of installation.  The installation of conduit for cabling into the garden or hard surfaces should be planned well in advance to save cost and minimize any future disruption to already installed systems.

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