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Zones specialise in designing and building Outdoor Rooms.  The term Outdoor Room has come about following an evolution of what might previously have been referred to as “the patio” or “the bbq area”.  A modern day Outdoor Room serves several functions including extending your living areas, extending the time during which you can live outside, better designs to meet your lifestyle, the use of quality fixtures, fittings and accessories to ensure longevity, better flow to other areas both inside and out and privacy.

A well designed outdoor room will extend your homes living spaces.  In a traditional home, there might be two or three living areas, such as a lounge, tv room and dining.  The purpose of an outdoor room is to add another living space to your house without the need to undertake an indoor building renovation or addition.

New Zealand’s climate can be somewhat restrictive to outdoor living as the seasons change.  With an outdoor room designed and built by Zones Landscaping Specialists, which incorporates heating, cooling, wind break and shading solutions, you can extend your life outside during the cooler or warmer months of the year where previously you may have been restricted to the indoors.

Zones Landscaping Specialists design outdoor rooms to fit your lifestyle.  Not all outdoor rooms are or should be, the same.  Different household dynamics, different cultural and generational aspects can all adjust how an outdoor room is designed.  For example if the primary purpose is to cook and eat, then kitchen facilities will come to the fore, alternatively if the primary purpose is listening to music and relaxing, then comfort, privacy and a great sound system can be incorporated into the design.

Today more than ever, consumers have massive choice around products.  Products range in quality from low to high.  Many products will look similar on the outside but have widely varying expected design lives, normally reflected in the initial buy price.  Zones Landscaping Specialists select quality products that will stand the test of time in New Zealand’s harsh outdoor climate.

As with any room, there is an entry and exit point which connects the room to other areas of your house or outside.  It is important that the flow into, through, and out of, the outdoor room is practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.  The use of folding or sliding joinery connecting to indoor rooms can add fantastic flow as does the use of steps, hedges and planting to transition into other outdoor spaces.  Allowances should also be made for future additions such as spa pools, BBQ’s or seating.

Another modern day trend is the shrinking of section sizes and close proximity of neighbors.  Privacy can be gained by clever use of screening, whether in the form of built structures (trellis, louvres, fencing) or hedges, planting or trees.

A typical outdoor room can involve up to 10 trades and contractors.  Zones Landscaping Specialists has the expertise in people, processes and systems to manage all resources and achieve the right outcome at the right time.  Zones will also ensure compliance across local and NZ government in areas such as health and safety, building code and resource consent.  Zones has comprehensive insurance policies that protect the homeowner from unforeseen risks.

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