Tauranga Landscape Architect

Tauranga Landscape Architecture

Bring your Tauranga or Mount Maunganui property to life with a perfectly designed outdoor space. A Zones landscape architect will work with you through the process of developing a plan for your property as well as providing guidance and advice during the build phase.

What services does Zones Tauranga's landscape architect/s provide?

  • Landscape designs & plans
  • Landscape assessments
  • Planting plans
  • Working drawings
  • Council consent applications
  • Earthmoving
  • Driveway designs
  • Heritage property landscaping
  • Landscaping costings
  • Project management

Why should I get a landscape plan?

A landscape plan will provide you with an overall vision and strategy for your property. It will resolve spaces, set out decks, paving, pools, garden areas, lawns et cetera. It will also define an overall style that works with your budget, lifestyle and home. For larger sites, the plan will take many important aspects into consideration such as the relationship of house and landscape to the surrounding site, site drainage, landscape context, environmental and sustainability related issues and more. It’s a good idea to get a landscape plan done as early as possible to help with initial site planning for retaining and outlying structures.

How much does a landscape plan cost in Tauranga or Mount Maunganui?

The cost of a landscape plan will depend on the size of your property, the extent of work that is required and the scope of the project. Costs can vary greatly from provider to provider and may include different levels of service. Finding an experienced and knowledgeable landscape architect can make all the difference. It is also key to get a fixed price quote and scope of services for your project so you know your budget will cover all your requirements.

Other costs that may impact on your plans include fees associated with engaging specialist consultants such as engineers, architects or obtaining building and resource consent. In the Bay of Plenty, building consent and resource consent may be required for all or part of your landscaping project. Some retaining walls, decks and structures need engineering work to be compliant, and there are special rules around swimming pools and land cover, as well as height to boundary restrictions. A Zones Landscape Architect in Tauranga will manage the entire process to ensure compliance with all regional rules and regulations along with making sure your project is built by the right people with the correct qualifications and experience.

How long does it take to complete a landscape plan?

A landscape plan is typically designed in a series of stages that help you to understand the project and make decisions along the way. It is good to allow two to four weeks per phase of the landscape plan. While it’s tempting to get a plan done as quickly as possible and rush right into the building work, it is worth spending a significant proportion of time on the planning stage. This will ensure that you can work out all the details, find the best value for money materials and solutions for your property, and hence avoid costly changes or mistakes further down the line.

At Zones, your landscape architect or designer will take you through a series of well-defined steps, making the process efficient and avoiding unnecessary delays. From the initial design meeting and brief, they will create a first or draft concept based on your budget range. The next step is to produce a final plan that is used to prepare a fixed price quote. Once you have this quote and sign the contract, the building phase can start.

Does the landscape design include a planting plan?

Getting the right plant in the right place is a crucial step in the development and ongoing success of your garden. Not all concepts or landscape designs include a full planting plan. The initial stages of design will include planting style and themes along with defining the important plants that are vital elements of the design. A planting plan is a plan that will set out individual plants throughout the property with a key that provides names and details of the plants.

Your landscape architect can discuss the need for a full planting plan with you. Things to consider for bespoke plans and bespoke architecture are the look and feel you are trying to create, having colour and texture year around, ease of maintenance, time to maturity, and including a focal point or special feature in your garden design and planting. To achieve a seamless garden design from the get go it pays to include a planting plan when you get your general, hard landscaping done.

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