Waikato Landscape Designers

landscape design with waterfall and firepit

With its versatile soil and expansive farmlands, the Waikato region provides plenty of landscaping options and opportunities. From coastal towns to mountain ranges, there are many areas to draw landscaping inspiration and garden design from. If you would like your property to reflect your taste and surroundings, a Zones landscape designer can make it happen.

How can Zones Waikato landscape designers make the landscaping process easy for me?

Working with a Zones landscape designer ensures that your project design will be shaped around your intentions, budget and personal taste. After your ideas have been thoroughly discussed, your landscape designer will assess the space you want to be redesigned. When you are completely satisfied with the design you will be provided with a quote. From there, the project will be carried out under the management of your landscaping specialist, leaving you with nothing more to do than sit back and watch the transformation.

What services do Zones Waikato offer?

Zones Landscaping Waikato can design and create any outdoor project of your choosing. Zones can provide you with innovative concept plans and designs, as well as, construction drawings and specifications. Landscaping services that Zones provide include:

  • Landscape plans
  • Hard and soft landscape construction
  • Planting plans/garden design
  • Construction drawings and specifications
  • Patio landscaping
  • Outdoor builds e.g. outdoor kitchens, decking
  • Swimming pool design and installation

Do I need council permission to landscape my property?

Your landscaping project may require council consent, particularly if it will involve building work. Your Zones landscaping specialist can take care of any building consent applications. Working with Zones will also ensure that all work carried out meets building code requirements and district plans.

If your project involves building fencing over 2.5 metres in height, it will require a building consent. Additionally, swimming pool fences must comply with the 2004 Building Act and Building Code (Clause F9). Your Zones specialist will ensure all work is completed to the national standard.

How much will my landscaping project cost?

Your project will be designed according to your specifications and budget. If you are looking to landscape your garden on a budget, it is recommended to develop it in stages - as this allows you to improve it over time and stay within your budget. Having a generous budget to work within will offer you far more freedom and creativity.

If you’re interested in creating or improving, an outdoor social zone, you could have an outdoor kitchen designed and installed for around $20,000 - $40,000+. To keep the kids entertained while the adults socialise, you could invest in a meticulously designed swimming pool area for $50,000+. For a better idea of how much your project will cost, get in touch with a Waikato landscape design specialist.

To view a more comprehensive cost estimate, check out our landscape design cost estimates

*Please note: These costs are rough estimates only

What are some interesting things to know about landscaping in the Waikato region?

There is an abundance of resources to work with in the Waikato region. A pioneer of planting radiata pine trees, the Waikato is where much of New Zealand’s forestry industry began. As a result, it is a great supplier of radiata pine; used for fencing, decks, pergolas and a range of other landscaping projects.

The Waikato District Council and Waikato communities are dedicated to sustainability. This is reflected in many of the housing and landscape designs in the region.   

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