Summer Garden Survival Guide: Outdoor Gardening Tips

Watering the garden

Summer garden maintenance starts with Zones

We might all love some exposure to the summer sun, but when it comes to your garden, there can be too much of a good thing. High temperatures and hours of harsh sunlight can stress your summer garden. But don’t despair – the expert landscaping team at Zones have pulled together some of their top summer gardening tips to help you avoid wilted veges and sad summer flowers! 

Whether you have questions about garden mulch, need the ultimate gardening guide, or want help designing full sun garden plans, your local Zones Landscaping Consultant offers free one-hour consultations, so get in touch today!

Achieving success in your summer garden

Planning and preparation are crucial when it comes to maintaining your summer garden. Before launching into a summer garden makeover, work with your landscape designer to determine the best summer garden plants, shrubs, and trees for your property by considering the soil, sun exposure, and wind – and your personal preferences. They can also advise you on what will thrive in the sunny Tauranga climate and are full of summer garden ideas. 

Achieving the look you want in your summer garden comes down to plant choices and strategic planting methods, which is exactly how this stunning subtropical oasis garden in Papamoa was achieved. If you have a well established garden, planning is still essential for the warmer months. You can read up on summer garden maintenance here

planning your garden planting

Planting trees and shrubs for low maintenance

Low-maintenance garden planning really pays off in summer when you don’t have to be a slave to the hose. Invest in drip irrigation for hands off and targeted watering, choose drought tolerant plants that are suited to the Tauranga temperatures, and opt for pretty summer flowers in pots so they can be moved into the shade if needed.

Summer flowering trees are a smart option for colour as they won’t require much work once established. Stylish hardscaping like this garden in Katikati will help keep your backyard looking fabulous while reducing the need for frequent watering. Artificial turf can also keep things looking green even during the hottest summer.

If fuss-free gardening appeals to you, then check out our step-by-step guide to creating a low- maintenance landscape here as well as this low maintenance garden landscape created in Papamoa Beach. 

Backyard garden in Tauranga with wooden chairs, surrounded by low-maintenance plants

Maintain your garden with mulch

Mulch can be your best friend in the summer garden. It helps to keep the moisture in and reduces the need for constant watering, plus it provides nutrients and suppresses pesky weeds! Make your own using lawn clippings, fallen leaves, and even newspaper, or purchase pea straw, hay, or bark chip from your local garden centre. This top layer of organic matter protects both the plant and soil from drying out. Take a look at this Tauranga garden that was transformed into a native retreat with clever planting, irrigation, and mulching.

Garden with brown mulch for summer survival
A new pathway and garden with mulch

Establishing a summer watering schedule

Never waste water by hosing your plants in the heat. It’s best to water the garden in either the cool of the morning or in the early evening. This allows water to soak into the soil without the risk of evaporation and reduces the risk of burning the foliage. Water on leaves while the sun is blazing overhead is never a good combination, so water at the base of the plant instead of overhead and consider the use of shade cloths if necessary.

Consult a summer garden planting schedule for advice and remember to water deeply (water puddling at the top is a good sign that the soil is saturated) to encourage deep root growth for your best shot at delicious summer garden vegetables. 

For more watering tips, check out our ultimate guide to watering your garden

Summer garden plant watering

Let Zones help pick the plants to thrive this summer!

If you’re ready to create a beautiful summer garden, then get in touch with Zones! We are local, so we know what works best in the Bay. Get in touch with your Zones Landscaping Consultant today for a free, no obligation consultation and take the first step toward a stunning summer landscape.

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