Landscape Planting and Designers in Tauranga

tropical planting for a home in Tauranga

If you want to transform your open spaces with beautiful landscape design and planting, then Zones Landscaping are the local experts who can make it happen. From planter boxes and garden beds to themed planting, privacy screens, and retaining walls, we tackle any type of landscaping and outdoor renovations.

Create the landscape of your dreams. Get in touch with your local Landscaping Consultant today for a free one-hour consultation.

Why choose Zones Landscaping for your Landscape Design?

If you’ve been putting off your landscaping projects because action seems too stressful, time consuming, and expensive, then Zones Landscaping is here to help. Our proven system is straightforward and cost-effective, delivering the premium results our customers love. Discover our landscape design process here.

With Zones, your dedicated Landscaping Consultant meets with you to determine your goals, before developing a plan tailored to your vision and budget. Detailed costings and plans are provided and agreed on before any work commences: with Zones, there are no nasty budget surprises.

Once your project is underway, you can sit back and watch the transformation. Your Landscaping Consultant will take care of every detail from design through to delivery. Sourcing materials, employing subcontractors, managing schedules, securing council consent – everything is taken care of on your behalf.

Our Landscaping Consultants work with an established network of trusted local professionals. So, whether your project requires precision pathways or expert planting, we can match the right tradesperson to your job. With your Landscaping Consultant the single point of contact throughout, regular communication is guaranteed. 

What areas do you service? 

Zones Landscaping Service the wider Bay Of Plenty Region including, Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa.

What are the current planting ideas in Tauranga?

With the beautiful Bay of Plenty climate to enjoy, many homeowners are focusing on creating stunning sub-tropical gardens. This lush look provides a beautiful haven and is surprisingly low maintenance – and bird friendly.

We’re seeing a huge increase in families wanting to establish raised garden beds for growing their own produce. A well-planned design in the early stages means that these beds and accompanying paths, archways, and pergolas are both functional and attractive. And don’t overlook a seat in the shade for the gardener!

For those with busy lifestyles we can tailor solutions that are easy care while still being aesthetically pleasing. Think hardy shrubs and evergreen plants, large pots, and minimal lawn.

Whether you have a clear vision or need guidance, we can work through design and planting solutions for your unique situation. 

Close-up of a finished matured planting plan design in Tauranga

What planting and design services do Zones Landscaping provide?

Need planter boxes? We can help. Want something low maintenance? We’ll get you sorted. No matter what type of planting and design services you need, your local Landscaping Consultant has the experience and expertise to deliver.

Our planting and design services include:

  • Planting 
  • Planter boxes
  • Low maintenance planting
  • Tropical planting
  • Bespoke landscape designs
  • Custom outdoor builds
  • Planting plans and concepts
  • Hardscaping
  • Softscaping
  • Earthmoving
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Plantscaping
  • Retaining wall planting
  • Small garden designs
  • Modern garden designs
  • Pool landscape design

See our service page on Garden and Planting

How to design a backyard landscape

Define Your Goals and Needs:

  • Start by determining your objectives. Do you want a space for relaxation, entertaining, gardening, or a combination of these?
  • Identify any specific needs or challenges, such as privacy concerns, drainage issues, or pets.

Assess Your Site:

  • Examine your backyard's current condition, including soil quality, sunlight, and existing plants or structures.
  • Take note of any natural features, like trees or slopes, that could influence your design.

Create a Rough Sketch:

  • Sketch a rough layout of your backyard on paper. This doesn't need to be detailed but should include major elements like the house, property lines, and any fixed features.
  • Identify the key elements you want to incorporate, such as a patio, deck, garden beds, lawn area, pathways, seating, lighting, and water features.

Determine Your Style:

  • Decide on the overall style or theme you want for your backyard. Styles can range from formal and structured to informal and naturalistic.

Seek Professional Help:

  • The outcome of your backyard landscape design is greatly influenced by the unique characteristics of your outdoor space and your specific goals. To ensure that your vision is realized in the most effective and tailored manner, it's highly advisable to engage in a conversation with your local landscaping consultant. Get in touch here!

How much does planting a new landscape cost in Tauranga?

The cost for new landscape design and planting varies depending on the size and scope of your project. The Zones website is a great resource for showing what is achievable within different budgets. This artfully designed front garden transformation in Papamoa for example was completed in June 2022 at a cost of $35,000*. It included imported railway sleepers and bespoke laser cut steel screens. In November 2020 this subtropical garden oasis, also in Papamoa, was a complete garden transformation achieved for $60,000*.

A subtropical oasis landscape design in Tauranga
Subtropical oasis garden transformation in Tauranga

Zones are committed to working within your budget. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Landscaping Consultant to discuss your vision – and budget boundaries.

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Zones Landscaping Consultant. 

Landscape design tips

Choose Appropriate Plants: Select plants that thrive in your climate and soil conditions. Choose a variety of plants for different seasons to keep your landscape vibrant year-round.

Use Color and Texture: Experiment with color and texture to create visual appeal. Combining different foliage colors and textures can add depth and dimension to your landscape.

Think About Maintenance: Plan for the level of maintenance you're willing to commit to. Low-maintenance designs can be achieved with native plants and efficient irrigation systems.

Incorporate Hardscaping: Features like patios, decks, walkways, and retaining walls can enhance your landscape's functionality and aesthetics. Choose materials that complement your home's architecture.

Lighting Matters: Outdoor lighting can extend the use of your outdoor space into the evening and create a magical ambiance. Consider highlighting architectural features, pathways, and outdoor seating areas.

landscaping tauranga

What other landscaping services does Zones provide in Tauranga? 

We don’t stop at planting and design. Zones can tackle any landscaping project, from patios and pathways to irrigation, retaining walls, planter boxes, painting, and more. No matter what your project, our dedicated Landscaping Consultants will professionally manage it from end-to-end with a result you will love. And we take care of any council consent requirements, too.

See a recently completed pool landscape design in Tauranga here.

Pool landscape design
Pool landscape design

What to expect from a landscape designer

Briefing meeting

A landscaping specialist will meet with you to discuss your ideas and offer suggestions and inspiration to get your project started.

Concept design and estimation

Next up, your specialist will look at the feasibility of your ideas and, consequently, provide you with a project estimate.

Detailed design, planning and costing

A detailed design will allow your specialist to create a time-frame, a fixed-quote and advise you of any required council consents.

Build stage

From there, it’s all go! Your landscaping specialist will manage their skilled team throughout your design installation.

Your finished outdoor space

With professional project management, completing your project on-time and on-budget is very achievable.

A Zones Landscaping Consultant finalising the landscape plans with a client.

The Zones 5-step process has been designed to produce stress-free projects on-time and on-budget, view it here.

Let’s talk landscaping

Whether you need advice, ideas, or just want to learn more about the Zones process, we’re here to help. Our Landscaping Consultants offer free one-hour consultations. So why delay any longer? Get in touch today!