Wellington Landscaping: Designing a Low Maintenance Backyard

Modern and minimalistic out door space with wooden seats

If you want a beautiful outdoor space that doesn’t require constant upkeep, investing in a low-maintenance garden is key! At Zones Landscaping Wellington, we understand the importance of maintenance-free landscape design for busy people, and can provide garden ideas tailored to your needs. 

From choosing the right outdoor lighting and outdoor entertainment upgrades, to tips on easy maintenance garden plants and innovative backyard garden ideas, we offer expert, local advice you can trust. 

Read on for low-maintenance landscaping options, plus handy hints to help you create an easy-care garden haven in Wellington.

What is a low maintenance garden?

A low-maintenance garden requires minimal effort to keep it looking good, while a no-maintenance garden (like xeriscaping) practically thrives on its own. Opting for a low-maintenance garden in Wellington's changeable climate ensures you can enjoy an attractive outdoor space without the hassle of constant upkeep.

You can create a backyard that is both beautiful and easy to maintain by including drought-resistant plants and native shrubs in your landscape design, as well as hardscaping elements like pavers, pergolas and patios – like this stunning bespoke verandah in Hataitai

Simple low maintenance garden ideas in Wellington

Creating a beautiful garden doesn't have to mean constant work. Here are some top tips and simple garden ideas to help you achieve a low-maintenance garden in Wellington.

Choose the right plants

Opt for plants and native shrubs such as hebes, flaxes, and corokias, which thrive in Wellington's climate with minimal care, as seen in this minimalist Porirua landscape. These hardy plants not only reduce the need for frequent watering but also add colour and texture to your garden.

Use mulch and ground covers

Mulch and ground covers are your best friends when it comes to reducing garden upkeep. Mulch helps retain soil moisture, suppresses weeds, and adds a neat appearance to your garden beds. Ground covers like creeping thyme, ajuga, or coprosma soon cover difficult patches.

Incorporate hardscaping elements

Pathways and patios create beautiful, low-maintenance spaces that require little upkeep, while pergolas add structure and shade, allowing you to create inviting outdoor areas without the need for constant plant care. This outdoor entertainment zone in Karori is a great example, while the addition of a pergola in this Kapiti Coast landscape design created a sheltered space requiring minimal upkeep.

Invest in irrigation

Irrigation is an investment, but you’ll certainly save on time (and water). Drip irrigation and soaker hoses deliver water directly to plant roots, minimising waste. Using timers and smart controllers automates the process, providing precise watering schedules that adapt to weather conditions, ensuring your garden thrives on its own.

Small backyard landscaping ideas

Vertical gardening

Think your backyard is too small to landscape? Go upwards! Wall-mounted planters, trellises, and hanging baskets on a patio or deck are all easy care options that are perfect for herbs, flowers, and leafy veggies.

Multi-functional spaces

If your outdoor area feels restricted, focus on creating multi-functional spaces. Blend relaxation and dining areas, incorporate seating that doubles as storage, and prioritise indoor-outdoor flow. You can check out more detailed information about creating a functional landscape design right here

Creating an outdoor entertaining space in your low maintenance garden

Low on maintenance doesn’t have to mean low on fun! In fact, incorporating outdoor entertainment spaces will reduce the green space that requires care. An all-weather outdoor kitchen is great for entertaining family and friends. Stainless steel appliances and work surfaces make for durability and easy cleaning while a pergola or canopy provides shelter while maintaining an open feel. 

Set the mood with fun festoon lighting and a cosy outdoor fire pit, while low maintenance plants or even synthetic turf help to reduce gardening. You can also keep things low maintenance by choosing weather-resistant furniture that's easy to clean and store.

Practical tips for a low maintenance garden in Wellington

Regular but minimal upkeep

Even a low maintenance garden requires seasonal attention to keep it looking in tip-top shape but a little regular effort will ensure garden care remains easy in the long run! Use mulch to retain moisture and reduce weeds, prune and deadhead plants to promote healthy growth, and monitor for pests.

Seasonal checks and updates

When it comes to hardscaping, checks and updates are important to ensure the longevity of your investment. Keep timber decking oiled or stained and free of slippery mould, or if you have PVC decking give it a 6-12 month clean. Clear fallen leaves and inspect drainage, check your irrigation system, and inspect your lighting to maintain an inviting outdoor space year round. 

Do you need a low maintenance backyard design?

Zones Landscaping are the local Wellington experts and would love to help with your low maintenance backyard design! Our Landscaping Consultants offer free, no-obligation consultations so get in touch today and start your exciting landscaping journey, or check out some of our top quality landscaping projects in Wellington for more inspiration!

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