Landscape Design

Landscape design

With an eye for detail and extensive experienced to back it, our Zones landscape designers can help you turn your outdoor area into your own personal sanctuary. Whether it’s a low-maintenance entertaining hub or a family-friendly resort-style oasis, the team at Zones have got you covered.  

Will landscape design help me save money?

Having a proper and appropriate plan for your landscape design means that you have a clear vision and direction for your project. A landscape plan allows you to consider possibilities and streamline the process before the actual building work commences. In this way, it can help you save money by avoiding delays and costly mistakes, especially with regards to council consents, drainage, retaining, choosing the right plants and companion plants for the right spaces. 

A landscape design plan will set out a strategy for your whole property, or a part of it, depending on your requirements. This can include retaining, decks, paving, pools, lawn areas, garden beds and much more. A design plan can also specify an overall style that works with your budget and your property. 

What will my landscape design look like?

From alpine through to Zen, your options are near on limitless when it comes to garden style and landscape design. At Zones, we have the right people and know-how to help you create the right look and feel for your outdoor space. Your gardening style is a matter of personal taste, but it also helps to consider what suits your section, your budget, and the on-going maintenance requirements. Even if you’re not sure about choosing a particular style, we can discuss the designs and materials you like and help you select the best options considering value for money and lifestyle. 

We’ve completed many different garden designs across the country including resort-style gardens, low-maintenance gardens, subtropical gardens, alpine and native gardens, and Japanese gardens. Edible gardens are hugely popular, and it’s also worth considering sensory experiences such as scented plants, sculptures or other garden features that can enhance your outdoor space. For dryer landscapes and very low-maintenance gardens, the use of xeriscaping – where the need for water is reduced or eliminated by selecting plants for water conservation – can be ideal. 

Water features, pools and spa pools add another level of interest to your outdoor space. The Zones landscaping designers can help you integrate a pool seamlessly into your overall landscape design. It’s about selecting the right shapes and materials that are suitable for your home, and that will help you make the most of your pool.

How much does a landscape design cost?

There are several factors that have an impact on the overall cost of your landscape design, including the size of your property, the extent of work and ground preparation that is required, and the scope of the project. Generally speaking, earthworks and structural work increase the cost of a project, but they are also crucial to ensure your landscape design will stand the test of time.

Some structures, retaining walls and decks require engineering work as well as building consent and resource consent to be compliant. The experienced team at Zones Landscaping Specialists will factor this into your budget and timeline. Zones will be able to manage the entire process for you, ensuring your project is delivered by reliable tradespeople and compliant with all regulations. We’re your one-stop-shop for anything landscaping. 

Our specialists follow a proven approach that takes you from concept to creation.

Following an initial brief and design concept, our experts will be able to give you a budget range indication. We will complete a site survey and analysis, and prepare preliminary drawings. Once the scope of the project is agreed, we can provide you with a fixed price quote – so you know exactly what is going to happen, and how much it will cost. The finished landscape plans will be the blueprint for the transformation of your outdoor space. The Zones team uses a sophisticated project management tool to ensure your project will be completed on time and within budget. That’s how we can offer great designs at fixed and competitive prices.

Interested? Get in touch with us and find out more. We offer a free one-hour consultation at your site to discuss your requirements.