We are excited to welcome Sandy Lochhead, Zones’ newest franchisee and Landscaping Consultant in Rodney.

With a rich technology and team-oriented professional background, Sandy Lochhead, Zones’ newest Rodney franchisee and Landscaping Consultant, says the key to delivering an excellent result for her clients is clear communication and thorough planning. 

Determined to achieve landscaping project success for each of her clients, Sandy’s process centres on value-added feedback, retrospective analysis, and continual learning and professional development, all of which enable Sandy and her team to realise the landscaping goals of their clients.

Sandy firmly believes “a picture is worth a thousand words” and by taking the time to listen to her clients, Sandy makes sure she understands her clients’ landscaping vision. After all, creating trust and confidence in the process are the building blocks for her success. 

Sandy is looking forward to collaborating with her team and clients on some exciting landscapes and bringing them to life for homeowners across the Rodney region. 

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